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Thursday, 10 September 2015

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Soundcity TV Angry with PSQUARE, Quits Playing Their Songs

 In a statement titled 'What has Soundcity ever done for P-Square?' which they shared on their website a few minutes ago following Peter Okoye's outburst on Twitter today, the music station said they stopped airing PSquare's music video since January this year & explained why. Read below For 10 Years, @SoundcityTV has been a huge supporter of ‪#‎PSquare‬ and the #PSquare brand, right from their 1st music video to the last video released in 2014. Most of their videos got massive airplay on @SoundcityTV than any other music channel. 

@SoundcityTV viewers sometimes complain about the dominance of #PSquare videos on the channel & charts. We were a huge supporter and gave everything to their works.

We have assisted the #PSquare brand, toured with them over Africa at our expense. Gave them ad-spots for their events / projects. Gave them prime time slots for their videos and included them in our array of Programmes / programming.
We invited #PSquare to one of our annual events last December 2014 and they insisted we pay a certain amount of money. We reasonably asked, what is the least we can offer?; this was us foregoing the fact that we had invested a lot in #PSquare’s career as music talents / artistes & entertainers.
While we understand that this is business, there is also room for special consideration. Saying our TV brand has never done anything for #PSquare was quite damning. Clearly, there was no need to argue with their decision and reasoning. We decided to stop ‘doing anything’ with/for #PSquare, since our 10years of supporting the group meant nothing to them. We assumed our relationship was a mutually beneficial one, but clearly one-sided.
Ultimately, #PSquare music videos stopped airing on @SoundcityTV since January 01, 2015. Soundcity reserves the right to air music videos on our cable / satellite or terrestrial platforms.
Overall, we wish the duo the best in their endeavours. @SoundcityTV will keep airing works of the best and upcoming Nigerian artistes, and also, the best ‪#‎African‬ artistes to the world, especially nurturing their talents from inception till they become huge megastars and international superstars.
Thank you.


Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Misunderstanding though good decision by Soundcity.

Osuntokun David

If this is true...Psquare are very greedy

Endy Edeson

I THINK THEY are matured enough to iron out issues amicably instead of this childish talk

Odeyemi Oluwasola

Everytin is nt abt money psquare.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Yea, Psquare or whatever are quite childish n know nothing about tomorrow. They should apologize to soundcity.

Bennard Ahupa

Don't forget those who were there for you guys! Please go back and say sorry and move on menh.

Rose Uranta Ann

Pls sound city,psquare try to settle things rit let d relationship roll on dont allow minor talk to distrupt good relationship u guys has played a vital role in d lives of individuals like wise ur selves pls make thing rit and let d show continue i beg u guys,one luv for all

Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

that's humam beins for u,tend to kick u away once dey've made it

Oziegbe Efeiri Omolabi

I guess it's pay back time!!

AbdulWahab Muthieu

if this is true, psquare needs to square things up with soundcity.

DjLapel Femzy

Some Igbo people chaiO ‪#‎money‬ don scatter them brain that why Igbo can't rule this country too greedy.

Oginni Oluwaseun Samuel

Jude just behaved like a kid...

Ehiagwina Enoredia

With there crappy songs abi.abeg jor,soundcity correct on der part.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

DjLapel, don't sound stupid.

Emmanuel Divine

hmmmmmmmmmm dats not enough reason to stop airing their songs na, bad belle them I didn't notice o

DjLapel Femzy

Mazi i never insulted ‪#‎Igbo‬, Read my comment with a mature mind & understand where am driving to.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

I hate it when some people air their views with sentiments and full of spites. Dj, u claim u never insulted Igbos whilst ur comment read thus; Some Igbo people chaiO ‪#‎money‬ don scatter them brain that why Igbo can't rule this country too greedy.?

AbdulWahab Muthieu

my people don't mind DJlapel. we all like money unless u are lying to ursef. even buhari didn't disclose zero balance in his account which shows we all need money. I don't want anyone to feel abuse towards what he said. this is entertainment not politics, we don't need to fight always.

DjLapel Femzy

But to my view with what am seeing here is like @Mazi, You go greedy some how when you can take it personal...I mean some but u include urself first. Lol

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

My friend, accept your mistake and stop being defensive where there's defenceless. I came in cos u generalized it. Lastly, if u don't read between the lines, i do.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

If such outburst does not matter to u, pls it matters to me.

DjLapel Femzy

you re too stubborn for my likely & stop being disrespectful b4 calling some1 u don't know Stupid @Mazi try & learn how to talk. I understand AbdulWahab Muthieu ‪#‎smile‬.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Am not stubborn to ur liking. U were not supposed to make such statement on a public post like this. On a post you don't know people that read it. Try as much as possible and learn how to think before harshing out ur words.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

More over, if you cares to know, i didn't call u stupid. I asked u not to sound stupid.

DjLapel Femzy

Hmmmm bro i can see ur outburst BUT if i may ask can you DIE for ur country? just because i said ‪#‎Igbo‬ ur head catch fire, Well I have nothing to say due to I can see ur profile picture coz it show u what u re up to. if u don't understand you will never learn.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

My friend, what are you insinuating? If we were to be in a joke arena, i would v understood. Yea, the person on my profile picture is Oliver de coque. Any crime committed for using his pix?

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Am smiling everyday but will never condone such statement.

Aruoture Goodie

their bro is dumb tho

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