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Sunday, 5 July 2015

WEIRD NEWS: Cucumber Breaks Inside UNN Female Student Vagina During Masturbation

UNN female student was trying to do a quickie on herself in the absence of her roomies but with a cucumber. In the course of the action, the fruit broke and stuck inside her private part. She cried out and was rushed to the medical centre as she started bleeding profusely. The doctors demanded that she must contact her parents before a surgery would be done to remove it, but she ran away..
. She is still at large. I wonder where the boys are. 

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Osahon Lucky Ayomi

Lol, stupid girl she is.

Endy Edeson

@lucky: i think this should be a lesson to other girls.

Osahon Lucky Ayomi

No! Bcos it does not stop them from being promiscuous.

Elee Chinweike Christian

Yeah,why cant her find a boy to fuck her free of charge?
LikeReplyDeleteReport11 hours ago

Osahon Lucky Ayomi

It only that girl that can learn from her own mistakes

Elee Chinweike Christian

What type of cucumber did she use that is nt strong

Elee Chinweike Christian


Endy Edeson

ALL cumcumbers are strong, i wonder how ladies use it to masturbate @chrsitian

Awuaga Fidelia

Dis is nt Ethical @Eddy

Janet Morrow

Ds is embracing.

Gilbert Igweka Nwanorim

If you desire to know the true story of what is happening in a zoo country called NIGERIA, tune 102.1 FM on your radio. NOTE: this is basically for South/East.

Idowu Idowu

After that UNN gist about cucumber,I don't even think twice to know what a lady will do with cucumber when I see one buying it. í ½íº¶í ½íº¶í ½íº¶í ½íº¶í ½íº¶

Gbenga Odeyemi

Sex Toys are all over shop rite why cumcumber this south east ladies are so funny

Bekere Becky Afaka

pls where can a lady get a very good sextoy?as in rubber willy?lol

Mbah Cynthia Nkeiruka

@gbenga what has tribe got to do with tis? or u jst want to run ur mouth on ladies from the east?

Ochanya Mary Audu

Let her get a vibrator lol

Shuanaldo Shuan Stuart

Endy I dont beleave tht a cucumber can break in her.its seems very strong, how did she used it to break I side her

Gbenga Odeyemi

@cynthia cos we hv been hearin a lot from the east baby factory human meat drug dealers and also cumcumber chopper!!!

Mbah Cynthia Nkeiruka

grow up gbenga and stop tis ur hatred abeg tins ar happening even ur people does some funny tins too.

Polycarpz Igboon

I want to remove the cucumber pls hahhaha mr blogger you can say that again..........

Adams Loksha Mshelia


Jeremiah Ademolu

Dis girl try o! Na so her tin wide? whole cucumber inside ur p***y ur sef, dat means if person mistakenly put my head dia e go enter na

Uche Okor

she is my girl before i left her to lagos now am looking for her who know her way about please should contact this number 0703736***3 thanks

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

this is how they play rough sex on campus.. they graduate tomorrow and pretend born again.. when everything else fails.. they start asking for gay rights and lesbianism rights.

Young Agu Esteem

Asi ocha! That means d girl carry cutting machine inside her ifene!

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