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Friday, 8 May 2015

ENTERTAINMENT/CRIME NEWS: Kung Fu Actor JACKIE CHAN Supports Death Penalty For Drug Offences

Remember Jackie Chan, that famous martial arts (Kung fu) actor of films like Drunken Master, Who Am I?, Mr Nice Guy, Rush Hour and so on? His films made a lot of us Kung fu fans while growing up.  Well, he has some pretty thought provoking things to say about drugs and drug offenders. Popular actor, Jackie Chan, has revealed that he is in support of death penalty for some drug offenders. - BBC reports. According to the actor, whose son, Jaycee Chan, spent six months in a China prison for drug possession, when you are hurting lots of young children, then you deserve death penalty.

"On some issues, I do support the death penalty," he said.

"When you're hurting thousands and thousands of young children, I think these kind of people are useless. You should get the right punishment."- He added.

His son Jaycee was also accused of providing shelter for other drug users.

Speaking on his son's imprisonment, the actor said he was ashamed and shocked.

"I'm more concentrating on him now, used to be just, 'you are a grown man.' But now I find out, he's still a boy," - He said. 

Do you agree with Jackie Chan>

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Eze Solomon Emeka

I agree with him and I'm also in full support of death penalty for drug offences.

Bem Ternguemo Tim

I don't like capital punishment ‪#‎death‬# but i respect every sovereign nations laws; so i respect Indonasia for this law if its going to curb de menace of drug trafficking, so be it.

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

I'm not one to advocate for death. Indeed such offenses should carry death. Its a moral issue for me. Legally, its questionable. Morally, its disgusting depending on where you stand. Personally, I don't like it.

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