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Sunday, 19 April 2015

CRIME NEWS: Muslim Migrants Throw 12 Nigerian Christians Into The Sea Over Religious Fight

Twelve Nigerian and Ghanaian migrants were thrown overboard following a fight concerning their Christian religion, Italian police said yesterday. The police said 15 African Muslim migrants have arrested over the incident. . The victims were “of Christian faith, compared to their attackers who were of Muslim faith,” police said in a statement, saying the 15 people arrested were accused of “multiple aggravated murders motivated by religious hate”.

The incident aboard the rubber dinghy, which was carrying about 100 migrants, took place in the Strait of Sicily, between Tunisia and Italy.

According to a group of Nigerian and Ghanaian survivors, a fight broke out over religion, with a group of Muslim passengers threatening the Nigerians and Ghanaians after the latter – who were in the minority – declared themselves to be Christians. “The threats then materialised and 12 people, all Nigerian and Ghanaian, are believed to have drowned in the Mediterranean,” the statement added.

The 15 migrants arrested over the attack on their arrival in Palermo were from Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal. In a separate migrant tragedy, as many as 41 migrants were feared drowned after refugee boat sank in the Mediterranean, Italian media reported.

Four survivors reported the incident to Italian police and humanitarian organizations.
The four survivors said they were originally from Sub-Saharan Africa and had left the city of Tripoli in Libya on Saturday. They then stayed adrift for four days before their boat was wrecked, the IOM spokesman said in a statement.

“It appears that the four were found floating in the sea by a helicopter and were then rescued by the military ship Foscari,” the IOM said. Credit: City People Magazine.

Headlines Edited by: ENDY EDESON.

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Yvonne Onaibe


Azeez Adekoya Falcon

this is more than xenophobic

Endy Edeson

@azeez: it's sad each time i hear that muslims are attacking christians. i have muslim friends, i'm even a family friend to a Muslim family here in Lagos, they are nice people. is it that those attacking people are not real muslims?

Sunkanmi Fashanu

Thank God, Islam is a religion of "peace", if it were not, only God could tell ...

Azeez Adekoya Falcon

Yea! You see many pple misinterprete wat dey read in quran.

Sunkanmi Fashanu

Then, the quran should have been less ambiguous.

Azeez Adekoya Falcon

@sunkanmi u are right islam preaches peace and reflection of dat can't be judge by ordinary man. Not everybody from israel is good

Treasure Shantel

Islam z worst dan anytin

Azeez Adekoya Falcon

@treasure I won't take that from u

Ndubuish Juliet Ezeokoli

ar u gonna throw her into lag00n?

Treasure Shantel

Azeez or what wil happen? Truth z bitter bt it must b told. Anyway nt ur fault, daz wat muhammed(s.a.w) cus. Rubbish

Azeez Adekoya Falcon

Wat truth are u saying by insulting my religion.

Treasure Shantel

Who cares? Religion of terrorist

Sunkanmi Fashanu

Thank God we are not in that ship!

Azeez Adekoya Falcon

I am a Muslim and islam is my religion and am nt a terrorist!

Treasure Shantel

It z written all over u

Azeez Adekoya Falcon

What did u min by dat?

Treasure Shantel

Exactly wat u c z wat i mean

Azeez Adekoya Falcon

I don't have to be furtive, bcos I don't understand u

Lukman Aremu Tijani

Azees, leave this people, they dont know what they are saying.

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