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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Romantic Nigerian Actress AFROCANDY Has Vowed Not to Visit Nigeria Again if BUHARI Becomes the President

Controversial Nigerian actress, Afrocandy, has expressed her decision to stay away from Nigeria if former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, is declared winner of the presidential election held over the weekend. The actress observed that the poll has been more of tribal sentiments than choice of the people. She noted that those from northern Nigerian have thrown support for their own, while accusing those from the south of being divided. Afrocandy said if Buhari wins the election, he will turn his back on southerners. “I pity all these people chanting 'Sai Buhari' when your name is not 'Malam Douda'. It is clear this is a Tribal Election and Hausa people stood by their own. When the chips are down, that's when Buhari Unfolds what he has in his Agenda, he won't recognize your name unless it sounds like 'Northerner'. Then I'll be at my Base (USA) , Sipping on ma Moet with a little Umbrella Sticking out of it.

“I hear some of them talking poo, for their info I am a U.S Citizen and I can decide not to Visit Nigeria again until the 8 years he will rule or even until the world ends. I got the Power to Bring my whole Family over here if they chose......Na dem go use their own heads Carryiam!”

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Timothy Terna Tyopev likes this.

Peter Ajayi Horlarbodey

Hahahahahah how can dat afect nig economy

Gbenga Odeyemi

God punish her

Ogochukwu Hariet Onyeabor

..plz dont visit... Biafra plz reconsider dividing joor.... Nigeria has made the worst mistake ever...

Endy Edeson

@gbenga: hmm. easy ooo. she is a lady ooo. treat her like a lady. Hope you are ready for our FESTAC get together tonight.

Yvonne Onaibe


Gbenga Odeyemi

yea am @the bar now with cat fish pepper soup wetin for ur return to join me in celebratin buhari I smell pdp here but we are all together flexin

Gbenga Odeyemi

As for candy let her go to hell who cares

Hon Alex Benzy

hahahahha who is she? cus I don't even know her

John Asukwo

All I know is that the God that punished Abacha and other circumstancial Generals of coup plotting will also surely punish Buhari till 2019. How could Jega have distributed PVCs to the Norths against the South? It's only a fool that will choose a juntarist to a democrat. The days when rulers sat on kegs of guns and make decree is here again. I'm sorry for Nigeria!

Jam Richard

useless,who even need ashawo in this cleansing country

Tony Nworah

Who cares about Afrocandy? I have better things to do than listen to a useless shameless pathetic porn star wannabe.

Oloruntola Kayode Stephen Oluwaseuntitilaelae

Nigeria will be minus 1 impurity

Endy Edeson

@TONY: longest time. well, she is a citizen of Nigeria irrespective of her occupation. though, i know it's really futile for some fucks to take her serious

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