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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

ELECTION RESULT/PHOTO: See Picture of BUHARI With APC National Chairman Watching The Announcement

APC Presidential candidate GMB with APC National chairman John Oyegun,Chris Ngige and co watching the announcement of the presidential election by INEC


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Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Nigerians has decided to clean house.

Yvonne Onaibe


Nelson Kalusha

They are calling heart attack!!!

Ommyl Ibukun

Nw i knw y rain fell yesterday and d day b4

King Davix Migxon

he will soon cry

Ommyl Ibukun

@king yh! Cry of joy!

Endy Edeson

@KING: who will soon cry? and why?

King Davix Migxon

GEJ is winning

Blessing Progress

@ Endy Edeson i tink u shud nt be on a particular side as an on line journalist

John Bello

Wohoho! Nigerians are celebrating, PDP is sinking, results are trickling, INEC is announcing, APC is smiling, change is looming, youths are tweeting, facebookers are posting, whatsappers are broadcasting, south- south is rigging, international community is watching, orubebe is raking, obasanjo is warning, Yorubas are progressing, the North is jubilating, igbos are regretting, jonathing is parking, boko haram is relocating, Sure-p is closing, Tan is folding, fani Kayode is purging, Muazu is watching, Asari dokubo is wailing, oritsejafor is crying, patience jonathan is speaking and I am posting.

Endy Edeson

@BLESS: what are you talking about?. who is talking about SIDES here?. please be realistic.

Blessing Progress

@ Endy Edeson sorry pls just an advise i delete mysaf tnx

Oluwafemi Emmanuel

@Endy calm down...Your notice me too much. what is APCCCCCCCC Change meaning???

Prince Adeola Rasheed

@Blessing so sad d crying has just begins with u. pls don't just delete urself o. Make sure u have urself killed.... Mumu

Destiny 'sammyflex Abioye

Oluwafemi .. If ur blood is sort of hot why don't u take a hike man

Blessing Progress

@ Prince am not crying ok! am hapi for who eva dat wins i only advice him nt to be too supportive on any party as a journalist one Nigeria we re God bless Nigeria

Blessing Progress

@ Prince Adeola Rasheed am nt mumu and i cant take my life for any reason am nt in any political party let d best person lead ds country tnx

Ogochukwu Hariet Onyeabor

....Very soon you guyz wont even be free to post this stuffs here... your freedom will soon be taken away from you... #‪#‎changemyfoot‬##

Jamil Imodibie

D winner takes it all

Prince Adeola Rasheed

@Blessing pls go back to wot he (endy) said earlier, he's only asking question. Cos he update us on collation in evry state..... "Pls always read to undstnd, don't read to reply"

Oluwafemi Emmanuel

when u have the freedom u miss use it @Ogochukwu, Is that the reason u can make fun of ur president the way u like? Imagine different picture of GEJ making fun of him. We nigeria we need a strong hand.

Gifty Busayo Oneal

let your peace be reigning,in dis country, oya fi agbara re han, laye wa ,dollar is increase,fuel is up,no much food so let your peace the control lord,some people dont have brain to think,

Ogochukwu Hariet Onyeabor

...That is what nigerian wants @ oluwa.. . to be treated like goats.. the table has turned... good for them...

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