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Thursday, 11 December 2014

CURRENT AFAIRS: Abuja court orders Police, Customs to seize Obasanjo’s book, ‘My Watch’

A High Court siting in Abuja has ordered the Nigeria Police as well as the Customs to seize ‘MY WATCH’, a book by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Justice Valentine Ashi in her verdict on Wednesday said Obasanjo disobeyed the court order by publishing the book after he was told not to. Ashi said: “I am of the view that the defendant having gone ahead to publish the book, he should therefore show cause within 21 days of the order served on him on why he should not be punished for contempt of court. “The Inspector-Gener

al of Police, the Director-General of State Security Services and the Controller General of Nigeria Customs Services are hereby directed to recover the book from sales vendors.”
The judge further directed that the book should be kept with the registrar of the court pending the determination of the suit.
Earlier, counsel to Obasanjo, Realwan Okpanachi, had told the court that the book was published before the order was granted.

The book, whose three volumes chronicle the life of the controversial former president from birth till this year, aroused political interest after it was exclusively reported that Mr. Obasanjo devotes significant pages to paint an unflattering portrait of President Jonathan. The book characterizes Mr. Jonathan as selfish, weak-willed, callous and incapable of rising to the challenges of running a complex country like Nigeria. Mr. Obasanjo also accuses the president of surrounding himself with aides and political associates with corrupt tendencies.

An Abuja-based lawyer and critic of Mr. Obasanjo accused the former president of seeking to use the book to earn cheap popularity, adding that Mr. Obasanjo cannot get away from responsibility for “sponsoring President Jonathan’s rise to political prominence and the Presidency.”

Ogundeji Olaniyi Oriyomi

Nigeria is a testing ground 4 all politician.
My watch... Yoruba dialet means 'Ago mi' but pronouns it in ur Language in order 2 make fun.

Emeka Solomon

My dear country

Ephraim Joseph Mustard

Obj is a carcass

Okebugwu Goodhope Ifeanyichukwu


God as to intervene...honesty,check through all of them,they are the same,buhari as a bad record check the details of his tenure,atiku,Gej are same but my question is why is it that the north always want to rule in which they have nothing to offer,they have been there all this y of what benefit,the fact is none of them is better even obj some1 asked this from sahara reporters People are really angry...saw this ... I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS FOR OBJ IN HIS NEW BOOK... 1. I Hope OBJ included in his book, how he Used his position to take advantage of his son's wife and how his family disowned him because of his selfishness? 2. Did he include how he forced contractors to build him his Ota hilltop mansion? 3. Did he include how he forced govs to donate to his library? 4. Did he include how he made himself petroleum minister yet there was no fuel and fuel scarcity persisted? 5. Did he include how he converted govt lands meant for operation feed the nation into Obasanjo farms? 6. Did he tell the world that he used his EFCC to chase political oponent into line? 7. Did he inform the world how he forced Governor Mbadunuju to continue to bribe political godfather? 8. Hope he included how he used minority to impeach Gov Joshua Dariye in plateau state? 9. Did he state his role in the assasination of Bola Ige, Pa Riwane, and others? 10. Is it in his book that instead of building University for Nigerians, he built private University only for the children of the rich? 11. What about his longer throat for power to go for third term, is it there? 12. Hope he included how he junketed the world with Nigerian money to source for the best expatriates for his Ota farm. Not forgeting the billions of naira he wasted on NEPA..so,none is a saint,God as to help us.

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