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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

For Women: How to Dress Right for Any Occasion

In life, the best path to take is your own – the path that fits you. The same goes for how you present yourself to others. Whether you’re dressing for an interview, work lunch, or local fundraiser, wear what suits you, not what you saw that actress wear down the red carpet (unless it flatters you, too!)
Fashion, once understood, is actually freedom. The chicest women know their bodies, and this gives them priceless confidence in themselves. Be YOU. I promise, you will both look and feel better.
But how? Use fashion to accentuate the positive – to draw attention to your strong points.

– Say you have a wider hip or thigh. Fret not, but wear something that’s either A-line or cut looser there. Think about showing off a bit of skin on the shoulder to compensate.
– If you’re bigger on the bottom, most likely you’re smaller on the top. Accentuate above the waist, and keep it simple and not too tight on the down-low.
– Or, if you are narrow in the hip and leg, you probably carry your extra bits in the stomach or bust, so go for a slim-fit skirt or skinny jeans paired with a looser shirt.
– Full-chested readers, take note: Shirts are often flattering because they can show that sexy shape. Ones with a bit of stretch are actually really great. Or try a shirtdress! Don’t be afraid of stretchy fabrics just because you have a bust. These may seem like a no-no, but can call all the right attention to the smallness of the waist. Those of you wearing something really loose and flowing in an attempt to camouflage, well that makes anyone look larger everywhere, and who needs that?
Once you’ve refined your wardrobe to contain those pieces that flatter you, there are a few additional investments worth making:
  • Go to the dressmaker! Mine is my own secret weapon. This investment ensures that your clothes fit you properly, essentially turning your wardrobe into something closer to couture. The dressmaker can also help you revive items that don’t fit as they used to (by taking them in or letting them out) or that have worn out.
  • Get support! Wear the correct bra (that fits you!) and make sure there are no panty lines.
  • Accessorize! Always add good quality shoes, choosing a pair that is gentle on your feet and does not cut your leg length — unless you’re 6 feet tall and all leg. The right handbag is important, too. Trust me, there is nothing worse than attending a formal event with your hippy weekend bag that looks great with your blue jeans, but here ruins everything you worked hard to pull together because you thought to yourself, “Who cares? I’ll just slide it under the table.”
  • Grooming! And it goes without saying, make sure you have clean hair and nails.
Now, go out and have some fun! Smile because your inner beauty really is what’s most attractive and nothing we wear will ever compete with that.

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