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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Funny Things Nigerians Do When Withdrawing Money From ATM Machine

Being in a long queue, hoping to use an ATM service can be very frustrating at times. No Thanks to these characters who make it annoying and sometimes funny.
1. The guy that counts money before leaving the ATM for others. As if the money won’t be complete.

2. The dude that knows he does not have a kobo in his account, but hopes for a miracle. After wasting everyone's' time,' insufficient balance' will chase him away!

3. The guy that multiplies the cue just to check his balance. You will be left wondering whether he does not receive alerts.

4. The guy that acts as if the world will end today. He goes to the Atm and you think he wants to withdraw his whole life savings. At a point people will start begging him to remain some cash in the ATM.

5. The dude that quarrels with the ATM. Even though the machine is prompting him that his pin is incorrect or card has expired. U will still him complaining or screaming at the ATM. 'Jeez! I used this card just this morning! Which kyn bank be this?

6. That man/woman that just goes there and stand for almost 20minutes... When you go closer you discover the machine asked 'do you wish to proceed? Yes or No? And the “olodo” just did not press anything.

7. The instructor. Leaves the queue to go and instruct another only to be the next person. Too annoying.


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Okwise Amaka
endy what about those people that after withdrawing,they will still want to check their account balance forgetn d fact that people are behinde them and that they will even still receive alert oo funny set of characters indeed
Unlike1Delete3 October at 21:14
Endy Edeson
@Ann: can you share your experience with me. today i went to GTBANK e-branch to deposit money using their ATM Machine. There service was very poor. The deposit machine will collect money but could not conclude the transaction, it was very frustrating for many customers. i have to go to another branch to make deposit using normal deposit slip.
EditedLikeEdit3 October at 21:25
Endy Edeson
@Okwise: am among them. i do that to confirm my balance but it can be annoying to next person who could be patietnly waiting. The other day i used my FCMB ATM Card to withdraw money from UBA ATM MAchine. when i requested to withdraw N20,000 it told me service not available but when i checked my account balance, the money was deducted even when i did not withdraw the cash, i have to go FCMB Bank to make a complain. luckily for me, before i got to FCMB, the cash reverted
EditedLikeEdit3 October at 21:23
Moses Madolio
somebody comes on and say that'i was here b4
Unlike1Delete3 October at 21:49
Darlington Ebuzo
Getting alert, & like going straight to ATM to confirm....
Unlike1Delete3 October at 22:10
LikeDelete3 October at 23:13
Salako Stephen
LikeDelete4 October at 06:03
Paul Owonubi O
Mine: Thanking the machine ' E Seun sir!' (Thank you sir!) After withdrawal is made......my culture,nooni
Unlike1Delete4 October at 06:33
Nkwocha Olachi
i always do number 1
LikeDelete4 October at 11:42
Peter David
recharging ur fon or payin ur bills wit d ATM while odas ar out of patient for ur tym wasting.
LikeDeleteYesterday at 11:30

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