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Sunday, 19 October 2014

12 Wrong Things Nigerian Girls Check Before Marrying A Guy

Many Ladies are known to base their marital decisions on things that will not endure a life-time. These have led many of them into wrong marriages and life time bondage. We need to identify and deal with them:
1) HEIGHT: Every girl’s dream is to marry a tall, dark guy with a baritone voice

; I wonder where they got the idea that tall guys are better in marriage. Hey Girls, tall guy can give you tall problems; it is not the height that matters but the depth of the guy in God and in character.

2) MUSCLE: [/b]Muscular and heavy looking guys are also lucky, they are seen to be good suitors, and girls do say "they look manly" "they look like real men". Sorry Girls, muscles do not make a real man, character and ability to shoulder responsibility do. A guy with muscle without character will use his muscles to deal with you and batter your beautiful face.

[b]3) A WELL SET HOUSE: A guy with a well set house is the dream of any girl any day. Many girls will throw caution into the wind to grab a man who have a house with King size; beautiful Italian Settee, micro wave oven, well stock freezer, home theater, refrigerator, gas cooker, Plasma TV,6 by 6 bed, well stuff Kitchen, Dining table, washing machine, dish washers, split unit air conditioner etc is a dream catch for girls any day. Sorry girl, a well set house is good but it may be a well set trouble if the guy is not a man of character, manners or discretion, he will make the house look like a prison yard for you.

4) FAT BANK ACCOUNT: Girls are fond of trying to know how rich a guy is by checking the guy’s phones for bank alerts. They joyfully decide to marry a guy when they discover the guy is very rich with fat Bank balance. What a mistake? They don't want to know where the money is coming from; they don't even want to know what the guy does for a living. What concerns them is the money that is available to be spent. Many girls ended up finding themselves entangled for life in this kind of situation, don’t base your marriage on GREED, it won't turn to GREEN.

5) PLACE OF WORK: Some of our girls are in the habit of making marital decision base on the place a guy works. You dare not talk of marriage to them if you are a Teacher or civil servant. You dare not propose them if you are working with a small firm, or one man business. What an error? Girls note that, that a guy works in ACCESS BANK does not mean he will give you ACCESS to his heart or peace of mind. A guy that works in SHELL may put your life in a SHELL forever, you may not be the FIRST in the life of a guy that works in FIRST BANK, a guy that work in GUARANTEE TRUST BANK may not GUARANTEE your future. He may be working in NESTLE but not SETTLE you at home, So it is not about where he is working but about who is working in Him, God or devil.

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