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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bishop DAVID OYEDEPO Gives Reasons Why Private Universities Including Covenant University Are Expensive

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church has said private universities in Nigeria are expensive because the cost of maintaining and giving quality education is high. He also criticized Nigerians about believing in spending millions of naira on parties, but can’t spend such on their children’s education. Bishop Oyedepo addressed this issue while speaking to Journalists on Friday in Ota, Ogun State. His words;

“I’m sure we all agree that education is expensive. Education carries cost; nothing of value is free. Our mission for years long, before we started any university or secondary school, was a bursary awarding church and we have not stopped doing that till tomorrow.”
“Our problem most of the time is priority; an average Nigerian can spend N1m on burial but to spend N200,000 on education (is a problem), because of wrong priority. Continue below..

“On a yearly basis, we have N1.5trn that Nigerians spend to overseas universities, so people thrive on it. Nigerians spend N463bn a month on recharge cards, how much are they paying for schools fees? So it’s all a matter of priority. This is the largest market for telephone in the world. Now, to pay N500,000, some people have only one son, they have huge business and houses all over the places, they will never pay it.”

On why he does not respond to controversial reports, Oyedepo said

“My understanding of opposition, persecution is simply someone’s opinion harshly expressed. Everybody has a right to his opinion. Today, millions follow after Christ but you will be surprised that when you get to Israel some people do not believe that Christ has come.

“People have rights to their opinions. I naturally don’t feel it’s necessary (to respond). The energy I would need to react, I can use it to make moves. I have enough to think about than start running after a man who says you are a fool.

“If he says you are a fool and you are behaving so, then he’s right. If you leave your job and start pursuing somebody who says you are a fool, he has already said so, your going around doesn’t change it. So why going around, why don’t you settle on your job and make moves?

“I’ve also come to understand that those who make news hardly watch them, they are so busy making news while others are busy watching.”

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Tari Consul and 7 others like this.
Osafu Abusomwan
With all due respect Sir, ur philosophy is very wrong. I presume dat skul was built by the church( i.e poor, middle and rich) giving. How come d skul is now 4 d benefit of only d rich one, think of it
Like1Delete20 September at 20:42
Sule Beeti Snow Audu
Osafu Abusomwan they will say our teshere money does not count. Mainly most of us gave and sacrifice when canna land and the university. I was a member so i know.
LikeDelete20 September at 22:07
Polycarpz Igboon
Mr Blogger,
My question is;

should we labelled a university(s) own by a religious body as a private institution or a missionary institution?

Pastor/Bishop Oyedepo & co, went to a missoinary school, i guess rite?
Like2Delete20 September at 23:01
Awotunde Opeyemi Joshua
Pls oo did God called him for business things or to preach the gospel or help those who are over rich?
Like1Delete21 September at 08:11
Bukky Adekoya Oyeyemi
Hum God will see us through Olorun a fun Awon alagbara ni suru.
LikeDelete21 September at 11:36
Fiona Odey
So bad dat sch is not 4 d rich only sir.
LikeDelete21 September at 13:38
Princess Steco
Pls let b considerable here. D truth is always bita nd is gud to stand by it. It wil not b a crime if d skul ws build for every one to afford Afta all he has d money already nd as wil speak there re sum people stil strongly to eat one square meal a day
Like1Delete21 September at 18:58
Kelvin Alphonso
All these men of god dem dey make us confuse abt christianity
LikeDelete22 September at 11:28
Paul Nwabuebo
Paying for children sch fees is continues assessment. Celebrating a party is once in a life time sir. Is that why your sch is so expensive sir?
LikeDelete22 September at 14:54
Bimbo Charlo
i love this!
LikeDeleteTuesday at 08:47

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