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Monday, 14 April 2014


The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church, Rev. Paul Emeka, who was suspended over allegations of misconduct, financial misappropriation and other matters has said, even though he has been suspended, he is innocent of them all. He also stated that, there are some people in the church who feel threatened by his presence and are the ones behind it. He also made it clear that some leaders are also totally against him for raising his voice against their wish. Anyway, Rev. Emeka has taken them to court, and the court insists he remains the General Superintendent, but that has still not made the church call him back.
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  • Ann Ab Na igbo man get d church na, am not suprise
  • Endy Edeson @ann; it cut across all churches and organisations. if money is not properly accounted for, it results to situations like this. so it's not only THE IGBOS even if they love money
  • Chy Neh Duu I just saw ann's pic nature has not bin favourable to u,u luk lik an ape so i cant insult u any further
  • Sule Beeti Snow Audu This church, they are always fighting over offering and position. Too much jealousy in their mist. I knw of a branch like that. May God deliver the church!
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  • Eboigbe Osareniro @Ann ıs Assemblıes God church own by an ıgbo man?
  • Endy Edeson @chy, you don't have to insult ann to make a point. am sorry i sounded this way. it's her opinion but she shouldnt have said that to the Igbo.
  • Chukwunonso Nzekwe Endy your Headline is different from your storyline....and for Ann, the church is an international Church not really an Igbo man church..wake up from being a bigot..
  • Gbenga Odeyemi igbo kwenu make una answer nah hahaahaa lolz Ann dey vex dey paraaa haahaah
    6 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Enyinda Nathaniel Okey D stupidity of it all is that they make worshippers believe they are worshipping God. But there is serious trading and business going on. Didn't Jesus whip away those he found trading in his father"s house? Many of us readily buy in just because they mention God..
    6 hours ago · Unlike · 3
    6 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Presius Rukeysxz Dre chy neh duh.. I guess u r a christian.. Nd one of ur commandnents clearly states.. JUDGE NOT SO YOU MIGHT NOT BE JUDGED!
  • Deborah Chidiebere @ Endy wat kind of headline is dis? Wat has WAR, FIGHT n OFFERING got 2 do wit ur story? Or u just need people 2 comment on ur post?
    6 hours ago · Edited · Unlike · 2
  • Presius Rukeysxz Dre he doesnt... War isnt all about blood or gore.. War is when members of same faith under dsame fraternity seek legal attention in a lawcourt...
  • Sammy Salcido Izuegbunem That's why I luv cathoolic church.
    6 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Endy Edeson @deborah; i did not deviate from the Headline. church money is gotten by offering, tithe or fund raising. i must not state it's offering money in the body before it syncs with the HEADLINE. it's a simple logic
    6 hours ago · Like · 3
  • Enyinda Nathaniel Okey Endy reported it properly. Before a case involving church and finance got to d courts...it means all supposed amicable entreaties had failed. D court gave judgement. Endy only reported it as it is. We are too religious in Nigeria that is why these things happen to us.
    5 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Jamil Imodibie Dats dia aim nowadays opening churches jux 2 make money 4 dia own pockets.
  • Isaac Onorable Onome Pls Endy pls I beg you dat u make investigation well b4 u post any news abt a church most esp A.G.The truth of d mata is dat u re wrong and u've overexaggerate d story,these is a institution of God nd nt an avenue to make mockery of the church.Am an A.G member ,pls wia did u gt ur findings dat dia is war over offering?
  • Isaac Onorable Onome Bcos dae re false
  • Presius Rukeysxz Dre so.... Dem don bomb abuja again....? About 100 persons believed to be dead... @ nyanya province abuja
  • Precious Origbo @ann, u are a big fool.
  • Sunday Ademola Ojelabi @ Isaac Onome, you have said dis story is not true, but you are yet to give us d true story. Or is there no suspension of Daddy G.O or court case? We tend to be more catholic dan even d pope, perhaps holier than Jesus. Why cant we accept simple truths nd move on, lets tell our leaders d truth when dey err. We are too religious abeg
  • Japheth Onyedikachi Nwadiogor @Sunday, You not we or me
  • Otomewo Movis Judgment shall start from the church on the last day. We should worship God in truth and spirit and forget about church politics.
  • Aruoture Goodie @Endy trust me, ur meals r beginnin 2 lose savor.... U'v been droppin a couple of punchlines of recnt, mstly abt men of God, bt d stories beneath barely suport ur headlines... Y nt face watchu knw bst (politics nd music).... #jstsayin
  • Endy Edeson

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