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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Philippine President To Resign If Anybody Can Prove God Exists

President Duterte is now regarded as the HERO OF MODERN DAY ATHEISM after numerous verbal attacks on religious doctrines. The Philippine president, who recently sparked outrage for calling God stupid, has courted new controversy in his largely Roman Catholic country
by saying he will resign if anybody can prove that God exists.

President Rodrigo Duterte, who has had a thorny relationship with the church, questioned anew in a speech late Friday some of the basic tenets of the Catholic faith, including the concept of original sin, which he said taints even innocent infants and can only be removed through baptism in a church for a fee. "Where is the logic of God there?" Duterte asked in a speech at the opening of a science and technology event in southern Davao city.

The 73-year-old leader said that if there's "one single witness" who can prove, perhaps with a picture or a selfie that a human was "able to talk and to see God," he will immediately resign.

Last week, he was slammed, including by some of his political allies, for calling God "stupid" in another speech, with one Catholic bishop calling him a "psychopath." Duterte lamented in that speech that Adam and Eve's sin in Christian theology resulted in all the faithful falling from divine grace.

"Who is this stupid God? This son of a bitch is then really stupid," he said last week. "You were not involved but now you're stained with an original sin ... What kind of a religion is that? That's what I can't accept, very stupid proposition.

Some Catholic bishops have been critical of Duterte's brutal crackdown against illegal drugs, which have left thousands of suspects dead in reported clashes with the police, along with his vulgar and expletives-laden speeches. He once called Pope Francis a "son of a bitch" for sparking a monstrous traffic during a 2015 visit in Manila that trapped Duterte for hours.



Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

I don't want to say anything. I don't want them to eat me.

Chukwu Godwin

Read only PSALMS 1: 1-6 if he can understand.

Shitta S Omogbolahan

I can only blame him 4 calling God stupid but regarding religion doctrine,it's a choice.i guess dat man is a philosopher

Shitta S Omogbolahan

Me as a Philosopher i blive there is God.He shud come out wit facts 2 support his claim but shudn't av called God stupid

Shitta S Omogbolahan

Many of us dat believe in God's existence blieve so bcos our parents told & taught us & not bcos of anything.

Mohammed Alkali Abdullahi

Another Pharaoh

Daniel Orji

niyeck nandack, you have said my mind! God can handle that, we don't fight for our God " He is able.

Micheal Callix Oyibo

God will surely prove himself to him very soon

Young Ehmise

he don hold the iron mke he nor complaint say he hot

Luc Ifans

How I wish I can like this post more than once but unfortunately Facebook haven't introduce the button...

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