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Monday, 9 July 2018

39-Year-Old Woman Plans To Unseat Buhari In 2019 Presidential Election

A 39-year old Nigerian woman Eunice Atuejide has said President Muhammadu Buhari must not be allowed to continue in office beyond May 2019. Atuejide, a lawyer, with practices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, is the presidential candidate of National Interest Pary, which she founded.

“We need men and women from every corner of the country bound by a common objective to create a Nigeria which works for every Nigerian,” she said on Saturday.

Atuejide will be one of the first beneficiaries of a new law that cuts the age limits for those contesting elective offices. The law reduces the minimum age for presidential candidates from 40 to 35, and state governors and senators from 35 to 30.

75-year Buhari old said he will stand for reelection next and is expected to be favoured by his All Progressives Congress as its candidate.

But Atuejide said Nigeria was in need of a fresh set of leaders. She insisted that the “current crop of politician” were responsible for the “incessant deaths and misery and misery in the country .”

Her party said it is “committed to fight, by all means necessary, the mismanagement of our national wealth, to recover as much of our stolen wealth as we can find, to eradicate the abysmal levels of corruption in our national life; the unequal treatment of our people at all levels.”


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Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

Yes bro,the moment we forget about religion n focus on sport n technology then NIGERIA will become a better place for u n for me n the entire human race.

Sumaila Aliu

Pls i want be her runing mate

Creo Fredmacs

The truth is: We need some intelligent, young people to pioneer the affairs of this country.

Browayson John Sr.

I think she would make a very good president if only majority of Nigerians are aligned in making a right decision for once in our national life as a people. Cos truth be told we are in dire need of a young & vibrant dynamic president like that of Croatia. God help us

Shitta S Omogbolahan

i agree we need a young & vibrant youth as our president but do u think that will be ever possible cos we've been caged.

Monday Onoja

This are the kind of people I will vote for not cow party again

Ch'rles Aspen Jr.

This one no go qualify from group stage sef.

Mac David Akwuking

story she is going no where cos Buhari is not yet done with his best works.

Boma Pepple-Uduebor

Married or not we need a Messiah right now.She can do it

Skulboi Stanley

I like her boldness and courage, I support her fully because the men leaders has failed us infact we are tired of been missleaded by all these old for nothing leaders, they may look alive but their brains are already dead so we are tired of following dead people.

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