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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Nigeria’s Largest Steel Plant To Begin Production After 40 Years It Was Built

Nigeria's largest steel plant will finally start production four decades after it was built. The Ajaokuta mill has cost the country more than $8bn, but has never produced any steel.
It is hoped that getting the facility off the ground will save Nigeria billions of dollars in steel imports.

Built on a 24,000 hectares (59,000 acres) site in 1979 with the coke oven and byproducts plant larger than all the refineries in Nigeria combined.

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Oluwatoyin Obanla

And some blocked skunk headed folks are saying Buhari is not working

Ojims Rooney

That great

Endy Edeson

Obanla & Ojims; It's really a good news. More jobs will be created

Daniel Orji

the wastage in Nigeria is the reason for our penury, the last time I travelled through ajaokuta i wept. if God have touched the government to tap from the naturally endowed resources, lets see how it goes!

Endy Edeson

@Orji; the present government is trying in revamping abandoned projects. Kudos to Buhari

Anuforo Osinachi James

Well, its difficult trusting this government. Till we see it working (After all, seeing is believing), then we will know is true.

Daniel Orji

@endy, if ajaokuta is in dubai, or any arab country, they wouldn't need crude oil to develop their country, and make every of their citizens comfortable

Darlington Ebuzo

Lols... The Ajaokuta mill has cost the country more than $8bn, but has never produced any steel.
Very funny story 😂

Maleek Tom

Edeson,Ajaokuta a perennial white elephant project has cost Nigeria more than $120bn,used by successive government to fleece the country.Ajaokuta was supposed to be the largest n most productive steel plant in subsaharan Africa.Launched by inept Shagari government used subsequently by Babangida n Abacha cohorts to milk Nigeria.The project was to be a bed rock of our quest for industrial iz at I on,but till date we still importing office pin n needle from China.If Buhari is not lilly-livered let EFCC open records of Ajaokuta projects.

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