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Friday, 11 May 2018

Iraq Journalist Who Threw Shoes At President Bush, Now Contesting For Election

The Iraqi journalist who grabbed headlines around the world by hurling his shoes at then US president George W . Bush is pitching for a seat in parliament at upcoming elections .
“ My ambition is to throw all the thieving politicians in prison,
make them regret what they have done and confiscate their wealth, ” Muntazer al -Zaidi , 39, told AFP ahead of the May 12 vote in his conflict - scarred homeland .

Zaidi shot to prominence in December 2008 when he leapt up at a farewell press conference Bush was holding in Baghdad and flung his shoes at the US leader .
While he narrowly missed hitting the man responsible for launching the invasion of Iraq, Zaidi was later jailed for assaulting a head of state and ended up serving nine months behind bars.
After his release Zaidi sought refuge in Lebanon , where he settled and had a daughter .
The protest against Bush saw him hailed as a hero by many around the Arab world , and he remains unrepentant as he pushes for office .
“ I don’ t regret what I did, on the contrary, I just regret that at that moment I didn ’ t have another pair of shoes, ” said Zaidi, who is running for an alliance between Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr and communists.
Placed low down on the Marching Towards Reform list in Baghdad , it appears Zaidi has little chance of actually getting elected — but he remains defiant .
“ It would not be an honour to have thieves as colleagues, and my objective is to take back money that has been stolen, ” he said , when asked if he feared becoming like other politicians reviled for graft.
Zaidi explained that he chose to represent Marching Towards Reform as he said it is independent and looking to shatter the country’ s sectarian divide. As for his view on US involvement in Iraq — a decade after he took aim at Bush, he remains deeply opposed and wants Washington ’ s troops out of the country .
He rejects the idea that the US military presence has helped Iraqi forces battle back the Islamic State group . “ The US favoured IS , how can you say that they want to get rid of them ?” he asked .

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Saheed Yinka

Don't we have this type of youth in Nigeria?

Endy Edeson

@Yinka: We have, Nnamdi KANU, IDRIS ABDULKAREEM that fought 50 Cent. Are these people equivalent to the Iraq journalist that stoned Bush? @Akeem: Of course, they will keep the weapon in storage facility

Saheed Yinka

They r not equivalent,in the sense that they don't have the courage to go into politics, is not all about fighting for a region,is abt fighting for the whole country in general

Frank Imeh

mr endy, gudmornin . I notice sumtin , its lik the time for us to rule the world is now. The youth r really cumin to fight too for positions in power. George weah,kano and others politic,steven gerad, viera, n odas football. Lets grab it the change can cum fr use n we mak the world a better place. Those old maggots should step out for youths and we wil tel them that we aint lazy at all...

Endy Edeson

@Frank: Well said, the Iraq journalist Zaidi was 29 years old when he stoned president Bush and he is now contesting for parliament at age 39. He is living an active youthful life of creating change . America always feel untouchable and righteous . They are the only country that is right in their own feelings. The Iraq journalist act was applauded by many as a big insult to self-aclaimed moral nation. @Yinka: That's true. We don't have an international or national freedom fighter in Nigeria rather regional activists

Saheed Yinka

We youth are scared of been jailed, and to become a correct leader you must pay the dues. If u disagree wt me I have back examples......

Endy Edeson

Yinka, please let's have your examples. One thing I notice is, for someone to topple policies of an incumbent govt, the person must have legal backings, be fearless and have enough money for mobilization / uncertainties

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

No where in the world where old stop out for the youth. The youth with better conviction fought for it. Not youth like yaya bello.

Jeremiah Ademolu

Bold guy, hope he will do well if win election and not the other way round

Endy Edeson

@Ademolu; I hope so. The world is watching him. Longest Time. It seems you 've been busy with work.

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