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Friday, 11 May 2018

Hillary Clinton accepts Chimamanda’s advice, rewrites Twitter bio

America’s 2016 Democratic presidential flag bearer, Hillary Clinton, has rearranged her Twitter bio to reflect the counsel given her by Nigerian-born novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Late last month, Chimamanda had asked the former First Lady why her Twitter bio began with ‘wife’, rather than her career achievements.

The two were talking at a PEN World Voices Festival lecture at the Cooper Union in Manhattan on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

“In your Twitter account, the first word that describes you is ‘Wife.’ And then I think it’s ‘Mom,’ and then it’s ‘Grandmother. And when I saw that, I have to confess that I felt just a little bit upset.
“And then I went and I looked at your husband’s Twitter account, and the first word was not ‘husband,’” Adichie said, while interviewing the ex-Secretary of State.

Hillary promised Chimamanda that since she had talked about it, she would rearrange the bio to reflect her (Hillary’s) professional achievements rather than her domesticity.
It sounded like a joke, as the two women had laughed it off.

The encounter also generated heated debates on the social media, as many respondents did not only blame Chimamanda as being “confrontational, rude and always in your face,” they praised Hillary for showing her “family values” by talking about her domestic status rather than her boardroom or political accomplishments. Chimamanda also took a swipe at those who called her out on the issue. But Hillary eventually took the novelist’s advice and tweaked her Twitter bio to reflect Chimamanda’s correction.


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Faith Kinika

what is the meaning of all these. It does not affect anything

Faith Kinika

Chimamanda is just being ITK

Okafor Doris Obiora-Nwosu

What is the meaning of all this constipation?

Endy Edeson

@Doris: It's obvious Chimamanda wants equal rights for women folks

Emmanuel Conquer Oko Ewa Udu

I love women a lot, and I have great respect for them as well. I believe in giving them all they deserve, but when I see a woman trying to prove she's independent, I see her as someone who's working against nature. I believe, that gender equality will truly work, when we no longer have Ministries for Women Affairs in our country.

Endy Edeson

@Conquer: Well said Conquer. Naturally, women are supposed to be submissive to men but should be accorded equal respect

Theophilus Ofonghor

All the feminist should remain single...very soon, just very very soon,Isaiah 4:1 will disgrace them. But please,they should allow those that cherished motherhood to enjoy their home.

Olufemi Adekunle Rotty

And her people were busy condemning her and putting her down on fb.

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