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Friday, 11 May 2018

104 Years Old Scientist Begins Trip To End His Life

On Wednesday, 104-year-old scientist David Goodall bid farewell to his home in Australia to fly across the world to end his life. The lauded ecologist and botanist is not suffering from a serious illness but wishes to bring forward his death.

Key to his decision, he says, has been his diminishing independence. "I greatly regret having reached that age. "I'm not happy. I want to die. It's not sad particularly. Assisted dying was legalised by one Australian state last year. It is illegal in other states. Dr Goodall says he will travel to a clinic in Switzerland to voluntarily end his life.
Active life: The London-born academic had lived on his own in a small flat in Perth, Western Australia. He stepped back from full-time employment in 1979, but remained heavily involved in his field of work. Among his achievements in recent years, Dr Goodall edited a 30-volume book series called Ecosystems of the World and was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his scientific work.
He's an independent man. He doesn't want people around him all the time, a stranger acting as a carer. He doesn't want that.
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Endy Edeson

@Libra: Are you that spiritually grinded? Hahahahahahaha. Devil ? Lolz😂

Daniel Orji

What captured my attention is the part that he doesn't like people around him all the time! Does he have a family?

Endy Edeson

@Daniel: According to his wikipedia page, BBC reports, ABC reports and other world media platforms, his family life was not mentioned. So, he probably didn't have a family, rather colleagues and friends but all his friends are dead, so he feels lonely and empty

Tellang J. Elisha

So strange, considering his contributions to the field of knowledge .....

Daniel Orji

Wow...now I understand him, could feel his emotions....he is boredom kind of! But he shouldn't kill himself thou....

Fine Ogoja

All work no family make him bored; sorry Mr. Goodall
RIP in advance

John Asukwo

What's he living for afterall?
He's achieved much and 'may haps', it's time he left the scene to make space for other young and upcoming editors of 'The Ecosystem'.

That said, life is sacrosanct, and ending it his way is unnatural and is against the moral legal standing of nature and science, regardless of the fact that his state has legalized it by law.

It may have been better for him to clamor for care and emotional occupation from the arounds and unarounds.

Instead of wasting that precious life, why not better transfer it, if at all there is any of such scientific procedures -- Life Transference.

Endy Edeson

@Asukwo: What do you mean by he can transfer his life?

Frank Imeh

papa, 104 is great. Farewell papa... The science world will miss when u finally succeed what u r planning to do with ur life.. mr endy, sumtyms the way and manners sum of those white they think ,its lik i want to vomit.

Princess Akim

Rip mr

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