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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Human Beings To Start Having Children In Other Planets

With the new experiment, the US space agency wants to research how human sperm cells react to microgravity — and whether humans could procreate in space. Other mammals have had little success so far.

In mammals, including humans, fertilization occurs when a sperm cell swims toward and enters an egg cell. For this to happen, though, the sperm must be "activated" first, otherwise it won't get moving at all. Next, the sperm cell has to pick up speed to be able to fuse with the egg cell, and the sperm's cell membrane has to become more fluid.

Previous experiments in space with bull or sea urchin sperm showed that while sperm was activated faster in microgravity, the subsequent steps happened slower or not at all.
The new space-sperm project is the first to involve human sperm. Many other kinds have been examined before: Frogs, snails and aquatic invertebrate animals have gone through successful breeding in space — all under the watchful eye of the astronauts, of course.

Mammals weren't so lucky. In 1979, Russia tried to breed rats in space. Two of the rodents did become pregnant, but they both suffered miscarriages.
In order for us to even be able to have children on foreign planets, sperm cells would have to do their part.

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Gloria Tari Odumo


Endy Edeson

@Gloria: yeah, the rats suffered miscarriages. 😎 @Poi: Don't you want to be among history? Be among the first Port Harcourt big boys to have their children delivered in Moon or Mars.

Ascenxion Poi

I no want area wey b4 I fit born pikin my sperm wud be activated..

Daniel Orji

this is another imagination from the science, but trust me...it start and end with them, the last time they invented driverless car-it killed a pregnant woman, when they sport the same in Nigeria....it was a car driven by a ghost....lolz...#we are are africans oo...meke dem technology stay with dem

John Asukwo

Science is advancing, and it is helping the world with both sided and side effects; nonetheless, I think the problem of global warming resulting in Chlorofluorocarbon(CFCs) or depleting the Ozone layer(greenhouse effect) with other antihuman pandemics like flood, hyperhumidity, etc is a concern that necessitates and significantly beckons an alternative. Nuclear weapons owned by advanced nations, with missiles which are capable of wiping you, me, and the entire human race from the face of the planet earth in less minutes with just a click of a button by drunks like Trump, Putin, Assad, Kim, etc are reasons other planets have to be considered as choiced havens for eath's war escapees. If it happens now, I'll be the first in earth's sister planet, Mars.

Endy Edeson

@John; Correct! You are scientifically speaking! Wow, your thoughts could be the thoughts of the scientists as a safe haven if anything happens on planet earth. @Daniel; Well, I guess you are scared of the aftermath or side effects. Everything in life got demerits . @Poi: I didn't understand your comment. Can you rephrase it?

Daniel Orji

Lol....@endy far from it. If there is any worries attach to it God will handle them, after all, they ones tried to mix up male/female sperm and incubate it to a baby outside the womb....how successful is that? No body would want to share the glory of God with him, and succeeds

Bem Ternguemo Tim

They carry out a research to see if Fulani cattle can reproduce there too.

Frank Imeh

Mr endy, op dos pple livin in space wil not attact us on earth? Aliens mr endy i mean ALLIENS. I dey fear ooo

Endy Edeson

@Frank; Scientific Aliens. Lolz. On the cobtrary, they are in space to save us on earth

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