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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Internet Inventor, Tim Berners-Lee Advocates For Net Neutrality

English scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. The internet, which was created by Tim Berners-Lee on 12 March 1989, is facing major challenges, its inventor warned. In 2016, the UN declared internet access a human right, on par with clean water, electricity, shelter and food.
But until we make internet access affordable for all, billions will continue to be denied this basic right.

Tim Berners-Lee, called on Monday for powerful internet platforms and social media companies to be regulated to prevent the internet from being “weaponized at scale”.

The web that many connected to years ago is not what new users will find today. What was once a rich selection of blogs and websites has been compressed under the powerful weight of a few dominant platforms. This concentration of power creates a new set of gatekeepers, allowing a handful of platforms to control which ideas and opinions are seen and shared.

These dominant platforms are able to lock in their position by creating barriers for competitors. They acquire startup challengers, buy up new innovations and hire the industry’s top talent. Add to this the competitive advantage that their user data gives them and we can expect the next 20 years to be far less innovative than the last.

When I invented the World Wide Web as an information sharing system in 1989, I aimed to create a neutral space where everyone could create, share, debate, innovate, learn and dream. That’s why I gave my invention away for free, so that anyone, anywhere could access and build on it without permission. My vision was an online space that would give people freedom — and America’s entrepreneurial, optimistic spirit embraced it with enthusiasm.

Today, one of the greatest threats to the Web in America is the plan by the Federal Communications Commission to roll back America’s open Internet safeguards. Net neutrality is the fundamental principle that all content should be treated equally online. It’s what ensures those millions of local businesses can compete on an equal footing with corporate giants. It’s what stops Internet and cable providers from slowing down services for those who don’t pay a premium, or blocking content that doesn’t boost their own bottom lines.

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Job Ayuba

God is great

Johnson Ahile

if net neutrality no more pornography on the internet

Endy Edeson

Ahile; not just porn but other vital information which are considered sensitive by big corporation will be removed. This negates the vision of the internet inventor . @Ayuba: Good evening

Anita Okonkwo

great man.

Yemisi Frank

dont mind naija govt that are watchhing us or regulate what we do. the owner of internet is telling them to leave internet alone

Endy Edeson

@Yemisi: You are right. If the INTERNET was invented by a NIGERIAN, most of us won't be ONLINE. Most Africans have very negative mentalities, that's why I admire the western world. They want a much more OPEN WORLD

Aruoture Goodie

This is d guy dat made it possible for u and I to chat today!!!

Endy Edeson

Goodevening Goodie, that's true. Tim and his likes really mean well for the world. He did not even sold his WWW invention, he gave it out for free. I respect him for that

Rotkang Tanimu Gontur

I think you are a superb journalist.

Endy Edeson

Gontur: Thank you. Also, thank Tim Berners-Lee for providing a neutral and open world for us all.

Aruoture Goodie

I'm still gonna look into dat WWW tho... There's something I need to know about... This dude could av just been d richest man ever...

Endy Edeson

Goodie: Richest man, if he had sold his invention?

Tim Berners- Lee is worth an estimated $50,000,000 according to celebrity net worth . He made the conscious choice to give one of the most significant inventions in history to society for no cost at all.

Tim Berners-Lee is a name that almost no one in America recognizes. He invented the World Wide Web almost single-handedly and that’s not even the most amazing aspect of his life.

Imagine what the domain name Drugs.comInsurance.com, or TV.com is worth. Now suppose instead of it being sold at one time for roughly $8 per year and then resold by various entities if Tim Berners-Lee had merely held onto the domains and leased them to corporations for their actual market value. Assuming there are at least 10,000 extremely valuable domain names (there are) and they were leased to companies for an average of a few thousand dollars per month. Now imagine that every major corporation’s name was leased to them as well. The ownership and subsequent leasing of domain names could make an individual billions alone.
Charge ISP’s for Wholesale Access to the World Wide Web, or Better Yet be the Only Access
Currently, Internet service providers do not have to pay any monopolistic entity for access to the World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee, if he had retained ownership of the World Wide Web, could have charged the providers a simple fee of say $20-$30 per month for each subscriber. Based on their being 100 million subscriptions to the Internet in America, this would equal $3,000,000,000 per month in America alone and easily $10,000,000,000 per month in global revenue. In total annual revenue this would generate roughly the total net worth of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates combined within one year.

Yaw Kusi Ofosu Evans

Appreciated guy

Endy Edeson

Evans: Good morning, All thanks to him for a "Freemium" empowerment. @Goodie, From the above analyses he would have been trillionaire and the richest person in the world

Yaw Kusi Ofosu Evans

Tim Berners-Lee really help us sha....

Aruoture Goodie

But then, competitors would av popped in...

Endy Edeson

He would have chosen to monopolise the invention

Aruoture Goodie

Nah... He could av only been entitled to royalties..

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