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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How To Use Garlic & Vitamin C To Have Strong Penis Erection

Hi folks, thanks for joining me in SEX EDUCATION segment of the EDESON ONLINE TUTORIALS. You are about to learn the best kept secret that will solve penis erection problem for good.

Apart from psychological causes such as anxiety and stress, the leading causes of erectile dysfunction and impotence for most men include high blood pressure, low nitric oxide levels and poor blood flow. If you find a way to regulate your blood pressure to a normal level, boost your body’s nitric oxide level, and achieve good blood flow to your groin area, then a good penile erection is almost guaranteed to occur. This is a scientific fact.

Taking a combination of garlic and vitamin C supplements will not only eliminate high blood pressure and poor blood flow, it will make you the undisputed champion of ANY bedroom. With correct intake of garlic and vitamin c combined, your woes with erectile dysfunction (ED) will most likely be a thing of the past.

If you can withstand the socially embarrassing bad breath and body odour problems resulting from consuming raw garlic, then try to take three to four cloves of garlic a day combined with at least 1,000 mg of concentrated vitamin C supplements. This is best taken in one dose, especially at night.
Alternatively, the easier (and odourless) way to achieve the same goal is to buy de-odourised garlic supplements and combine them with Vitamin C tablets. Look for garlic supplements of at least 1,000 mg and combine with 1000 mg vitamin C supplements, taken once or twice daily.

However, the problem is that many garlic supplements do not contain the required levels of allicin (garlic’s most active component), which means that you might not achieve the desired results. Allicin is typically released when raw garlic is chopped or crushed, thus unleashing its powerful biological action. Without allicin, much of the erectile benefits of garlic will be lost. So, it is advisable to eat the raw garlic.

Within one week of consistent use of the garlic and vitamin C combination, you will see noticeable differences in the ease, consistency, and power of your erections.
“Women like it harder. You need strong penis erection to satisfy them in bed”


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Faith Kinika

Endy this is interesting

Faith Kinika

are you sure it will work?

Ayokunle Ayk Adeleye

it is illegal to prescribe drugs without a medical licence, not to talk of an overdose of vitamin C. hmm…

Kaycee Vincent Maduka

Natural and most effective therapy i've heard of and Yeah it works bt that garlic...just imagine me having a board meeting and garlic odour oozing out everywhr i go....arrrggghhh. Unless its gon be probably during the weekends when i could stay at home. Nice post bro.

Endy Edeson

@Kaycee: Yeah, you do it at your convenient time. Thanks. @Ayokunle: Garlic & Vitamin C is scientifically proven to cure erectile dysfunction @George: It is only for married people ooo. @Faith: Sure, it works

Tda D'a Mega-Icon A

Hmm oga remember what happened in 1969 oo!...vitamin C that clashed with fanta and caused a BOMB?
Anyways, try am first I dey come!

Uroko Victor Onuora

Endy you're still to get me the hair fertilizer na..,or should I rub it vitamin c too?.,lol

Endy Edeson

@Tda D'a Mega-Icon A: Vitamin C and Garlic is safe for sexual health, no need to panic

Endy Edeson

Uroko: I am so sorry I didnt get across to you all this while. But tomorrow, expect it on your inbox. RUBBING WITH VITAMIN C? Come on, hahahahahaha. please don't rub hair fertilizer with vitamin C. I don't recommend that. Lolz

Chibuike Gabriel Chineke

Is this medically proved mr Endy Edeson?

Kaycee Vincent Maduka

@. Ayokunle! Sir there's a difference btw pharmaceutical drugs and naturaceutical drugs. Endy was specifically talking abt the latter.

Akinfolarin Toyinkin Olawale

Endy Edeson really did a great research.thump up for u...

Endy Edeson

@Gabriel: Yes. "Combinations of garlic and vitamin C are an effective alternative in the control of marginally high blood pressure,"​ wrote authors Adam Mousa and Shaker Mousa in the journal Nutrition Research​ (Elsevier). "Garlic ingredients or garlic extract alone increased endothelial cell NO production, an effect that was shown to be enhanced by the combination with antioxidant vitamins,"​ they said.

Endy Edeson

@Kaycee & Olawale: Thanks

Olajide Crown Johnson

Am just passing by ooo

Endy Edeson

@Crown: Just passing by? Stay. I just made you a committee executive of this SEXUAL MEETING. Your presence is needed. Lolz

Olajide Crown Johnson

Haaaaaa Lolz; I don run oo

Polycarpz Igboon

Mr Blogger Kudos, am a lover of Garlic. Garlic for life. Luv d flavour

Endy Edeson

@Polycarp: Really? That's cool. It's been a while I heard from you though. @Crown: Lolz

Samson Mesh Olamilekan

Nice one 👏good job maybe I will try it sha

Endy Edeson

@Mesh: Thanks for reading. Sure, it's worth trying. Sex is a constituent of true love. A woman in love will be happy to have a HARDER MAN

Olajide Crown Johnson

Chaii pastor endy😎 what is harder man again Lol😝

Samson Mesh Olamilekan

@Crown ...I think someone that strong fitness 😅😂😃

Veronica Udoh Ud

I will try it too

Endy Edeson

@Veronica; You are a lady. How will you try it? Pls explain

Neeboi Adebowale Ebah

9c 1, Mor Garlic Nd Vitamin C In Ur Elbow @endy Lol

Endy Edeson

@Ebah: Yes oooo. More strength Lolz 😂

Olufemi Adekunle Rotty

Make i run go store,i go come back come thank you Endy,i dey come.

Aminta Keidnz

Pls what type of vitamin c, is it the white or yellow one, and does it get 1000mg ?

Mac David Akwueze

Hmm... Endy tnx for the lecture.

Endy Edeson

@Aminta; Regardless of the colour . @Mac; Thanks for reading. @Rotty: Okay ooo

John Asukwo

yes. raw onions with ginger works wonder too far more better than tramadol

Endy Edeson

@Asukwo: The thing is, most people like Sweet fruits or things but it is the bitter things that have more nutritional value.

Bekere Becky Afaka

Endy u will be held responsible for all d penises that got erected through your post o!

Endy Edeson

@Becky: Hahahahahahahahaha. You got me laughing crazy. Well, it is for their good . "Se be you no like am harder?"

Dahood Olalekan

thank you for the brief lecture Endy Edeson

Endy Edeson

Thanks for reading Olalekan. Have a nice day

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