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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

How To Stay Happy Everyday

Endy Edeson

Define your identity. You must first know who you are in order to love yourself. You must not be as rich as Davido or Otedola before you begin to think you've arrived in life. Set your success goals, don't live your life according to the success goals of others. Loosely talking, you can be Mama Amarachi who sells akara in the street and be among the happiest persons in the world if you truly value your worth and the gift of life. Don't allow anyone define what success means to you.

Being happy often means continually finding satisfaction, contentment, a feeling of joy, and a sense that your life is meaningful.
Practice active gratitude. A multitude of research confirms that gratitude is good for you. It reduces anxiety and depression, helps you become more positive, strengthens your relationships with others, and encourages compassion. For instance, Chidera Eggerue, the Nigerian blogger that is proud of her saggy breasts. It is her own way of showing gratitude for being alive. Don't hate yourself for what you are not rather concentrate on who you are and what you can do. 
Show yourself self-compassion. Beating yourself up or giving in to negative thoughts can leave you feeling weak and unhappy. Dwelling on negative thoughts or feelings of guilt doesn’t promote improvement; it actually holds you back from growing and learning. Instead, show yourself the same kindness and generosity you should show to a friend. 

Try not to take rejection personally. Sometimes we aren’t happy with our lives because someone else has rejected us or our ideas. Remember that this happens for all kinds of reasons, and it’s not a sign that you are a bad or worthless person. Instead, figure out why you were rejected, and learn from the experience.

Change your environment. This is a very difficult decision to make because it entails you relocating to another state or country to achieve your goals. Know that when you do this, you will indirectly hurt the feelings of your loved ones who would love to have you around. You need to relocate if you think your environment is too negative to actualising your goals in life. 

Forgive yourself . People who have self-acceptance are able to forgive past mistakes and not let these situations color who they are.
Your history or mistakes do not define you. What you choose to do today and who you are in this moment defines you.
Happy Sunday, I wish you a successful and happy week ahead.

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Endy Edeson

@Maduka, we all need motivation to stay strong and happy. @Ademola; Sure. @Treasure; yeah. Thanks

Creo Fredmacs

You must have to tell people who you are, otherwise they'll refer to you as who you are not.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

My correct brother.. carry go.... pepper soup dey

Endy Edeson

@Creo: Sure, we are in the best position to define ourselves. @Okey: Hahahahahaha. Upload the peppersoup photo let me eat it here on Facebook 😂

Treasure Samson

What if i say run for presindecy hafa i will be ur vice @Endy Edeson

Endy Edeson

Treasure: You are very Funny. 😂

Endy Edeson

Awww Ntombi, thanks. How is South Africa today?

Esther Uchebe

U look good boss

Endy Edeson

Thanks my sweetheart, Esther.

Endy nwanne m, looking dapper.

Endy Edeson

Meka Nwanne, Bertha. Di kwannu ?

Uchenna Ukwuaba Stanley

ENDY, onyenweanyi n' emere onwe ya aha...nice one bro!

Endy Edeson

Thank you Stanley. Chi go zie gi. emela

Endy Edeson

Thanks Sobande

Sobande Babatunde Muphtau

Do you remember me

Endy Edeson

Sure, why not. Back then in 2011 when I was living in Alishiba Street, Sango Ota Ogun State. Right now, am living in Lagos. I don't forget people especially a nice guy like you. @Sobande

Sobande Babatunde Muphtau

It's lovely to here that from you , that's why I always complement your courage

Sobande Babatunde Muphtau

My Brother good to here from you

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