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Friday, 1 September 2017

Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Next Month, September 23

The world is coming to an end very soon. This is the best time for you to give your life to Jesus Christ before it is too late. I, Endy Edeson gave my life to Jesus more than 10 years ago and it has been awesome. A stargazer claims to have “ decoded” the Great Pyramid – and discovered
it is a “date marker” that reveals when the apocalypse is coming . Staggeringly , it matches a prophecy foretelling the End of Days in the Bible – and it ’s next month.

Christian numerologist, David Meade, matched the positions of heavenly bodies with Bible verses, to work out the world will end when a giant planet called Nibiru or Planet X crashes into Earth. His detailed analysis suggested Nibiru will first appear in the sky on September 23 , 2017, and crash into Earth in October. A number of Christian fanatics have claimed a rare total solar eclipse that will blanket the US in darkness on August 21 will herald the end of the world – and may be one of the prophesied 10 Biblical plagues . This means that if this happens, Jesus Christ/God's kingdom is expected to take over the world. My brothers and sisters please surrender your life to Christ now. Heaven is real !


Mac David

Christ will come but nobody knows the hour or the day.

Bekere Becky Afaka


Manas Mwaza Zacks

Endy Edeson wen did u giv ur life to Christ ?

David Effiong

Jesus Him self doesn't know when is coming back again, but only the Father!!

Endy Edeson

@becky: me commit sin? ha! @zacks: i first gave my life to christ when i was in secondary school. @david: yes, you are right. the heavenly father

Samson Oluwasegun Ojo

Shey na true talk? 

Friday Omachoko Daniel

We are not decieved that hour is when no one knows and no one will know because He commeth like s thief in d night

Obiora Don Ezim

Endy becareful for what u post

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