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Monday, 7 August 2017

Shock As DNA Result Reveals Igbos Are Not Jews

The high expectations of members of the Re­deemed Israel Commu­nity of Nazarene Association (RICON) on a possible ances­tral link between Igbo and Jews have been dashed. The international President of Jewish Voice Ministries, Rab­bi Jonathan Bernis, announced that
the result of saliva samples taken in Nnewi had shown that the Igbo were not Jews.

 Members of the group had gathered at Uruagu-Nnewi to collect what would be the con­firmation/ Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test result of Ndig­bo’s claims that Igbo are descent of Israel got to the venue as ear­ly as 9.00am on Saturday for a result that was to reshape the relationship of Igbo and Israel. GUYS, WHAT DO YOU THINK?


Olamidey Olawale

They are from Syria 🇸🇾

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

Shame of a people with no proper history of origin. Living a fake life. They ate doing well. But this claim too look good. E no look well on them

Absalom Ellis Biafran

Useless set of people

Absalom Ellis Biafran

Fake news, go to nneewi the Jewish rabbi and scientist are there to present the test and it was 20%, this idiot should stop misleading the useless yorubas, gluttonous set of people, tribalism run in your blood, chameleon, all this is because Biafra abi, go and hang yourself

Absalom Ellis Biafran

You're of no difference with vanguard news

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

U see why they can kill easily? One person chatting all alone...all d time..here!

Jamil Imodibie

Igbo kwenu! Hahahahahaha I dey laugh in pigin English

Endy Edeson

@ELLIS; Calm Down Bro. Let's Preach Love. Iam not a fanatic and trouble maker. This Post And All My Posts Are Meant To Be Informational And Educational. No intension to ridicule any group. I know you have love in you. Show More Of Your Love And Throw Away Resentment. @OKEY; I understand how ELLIS feels but he should be CIVIL. @JAMIL; Though, this information is sensitive to some people but it is also funny. You Are Free To Laugh My Brother @OLAWALE; Ha! really? any proof. Just Asking

Ameh Julius

Hmmmm, i hope them no go come cut somebody head one day ooo

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

We already know how DNA matter dey scatter families

Endy Edeson

@JULIUS; Which people? @OKEY; Sure. @BECKY; Nawa For You Ooo @OLAWALE; Igbos Are From Syria, really? I Know You Are Joking

Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

He said it was positive

Endy Edeson

@CHIDINMA; That's What He Is Expected To Say

Toolz Charley

Without being told,, mr Endy thanks for ur great work keep it up and God will lead you to higher great(((( #affluent

Endy Edeson

@TOOLZ: Thank you very much. Your kind words means alot 

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