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Friday, 4 August 2017

Senate Changes The Name Of The Nigeria Police Force To Nigerian Police

Nigerian Senate on Wednesday changed the name of Nigerian Police Force to Nigerian Police. This is part of the constituional review process on-going at the eighth national assembly. 87 Senators voted in support for the change of name while 2 Senators voted against and one sustained.


Anita Okonkwo

so this will change them from collecting bribe abi

Mac David

Change everything

Onis Joel

This is not necessary, How does this change affect or improve their operation.

Endy Edeson

@Onis, David, Anita. simply IMAGE RE-BRANDING. But it's a bit unnecessary

Osuntokun Oluwaseun David

Does it change anything?

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

police na police. forget about change of name.. even when their clothes were changed.. d thing come get worse

Endy Edeson

@David and Okey: they should rather increase their salary

Prince Moses

How much will it cost to effect the name change $$$$$$$$ trillions.

Jeremiah Ademolu

I dey laugh 😂😂😂 so change of their name will now stop them from extortion...

Dahood Olalekan

who d name epp?

Flow Ohenhen

they are all part of change we are experiencing in Nigeria. so let the change continue

Oluwaseun King Sofoluwe

Lemme guess. It cost 1.2### trillions to implement.

Prince Hefemy Fca

The word "FORCE" gat lot of meaning... I applaud the move by the Senate.. This will prevent them frm shooting innocent... it simply reduce their power.

Stànléy O Ehíbôr

Nigeria police still remains the same

Idowu Donalds Dino

I see no difference

Favour Erobor L

For me, change of name doesn't change the police behaviorial lifestyles, what we need now are private prosecutors and public defenders who will on the part of the poor fights against rights abuses and human injustice from paramilitary forces.

Absalom Ellis Biafran

If you like rename a frog 🐸 to flag, it's still a frog

Eu C Aristos


And what does this change in the system?
Jobless people who spend time on rubbish. Can't believe this nansense will make the news sef....

Darlington Ebuzo

They have already panel beaten us more than enough. No civilized country police of this world has "force" to their name.

Olanrewaju Titiloye

@Enny Since they were no longer force, they suppose to summit there captivity and weapons to head of force or what is your say on it

Prince Hefemy Fca

@Olanrewaju, u are absolutely correct. That's more reason why they remove the word "force"

Aruoture Goodie

Chai... So they av finished solving other problems na name change remain...

Ahkynte Olamide Styven

Will this change their system of operations

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