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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How To Protect Yourself From Badoo Cult Attack In Ikorodu

In the wake of the recurring attacks carried out by notorious cult group, Badoo, residents of Ikorodu town in Lagos have begun to keep vigils at the town and are now becoming security conscious. Below are some tips to abide to avoid the Badoo attack.

1. Don’t live in Ikorodu: If you are thinking of relocating to Ikorodu, rethink and save yourselves from avoidable danger.
2. Don’t dress like a bad person or tout: The manhunt for Badoo gang members in Ikorodu has reached a new level. If you are on dreads please avoid Ikorodu for now, you might be tagged as a Badoo gang member
3) Lock your windows: If you already live in Ikorodu, always be security conscious. The group operate by slicing the net of the window and puff out a powdery substance which will make residents sleep. If the window is open they can put their hands through the burglary and effect their sedative. If the windows are locked they would have to look elsewhere because breaking the window will alert the household even neighbours. ..
4) Put off your generator set: if you sleep with your generator set on then you might be a potential target as this will help kill any noise made when they attack. ..get a rechargeable fan
5)Burglary: Get a burglary that is not ‘’hand penetrable’’ a burglary with little spaces in between will be great for you
6) Lock your doors on time: it is advisable you get home quickly and lock your doors....8pm is ideal
7) Pray: above all be prayerful to whatever faith you believe
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Anita Okonkwo


Frank Chijioke Adeyinka


Endy Edeson


Henry Sunday

Am what steps has the police taken to protect her citizens?

Abulus Thompson

Endy u are a life saver

Endy Edeson

@Abulus: Thanks. Our safety first. @Henry: The police are not relaxed on this matter.

Vindy Amadi

Thanks ooh

Haryordeyle Olowofoyekun

Why,is It Only Ikorodu Dat Offend Them.

Onyekachi Ibeh Emmanuel

I live at Ishawo Ikorodu and we are living in calm and peaceful.

Endy Edeson

@ibeh; Nice To Know That Your Part Of Ikorodu Is Calm @ayodele; Because That's There Chosen Domain @vindy; You Are Welcome

Vivian Otono

God save us we pray!

Endy Edeson

Vivian Amen

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