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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Biafra Is Fantasy, Agitations To End Soon - Charly Boy & Al-Mustapha

According to Charly Boy in a recent interview with newsmen concerning the Biafra agitations;
''For whatever reason, no man deserves to be ill treated in his fatherland as Nnamdi Kanu was treated. Hence, my involvement in the call for his release at the time.
I am for equal rights and justice, period. Advocating for the okada community doesn’t make me an okada rider. Advocating for gay rights doesn’t make me gay. So, agitating for Nnamdi’s release doesn’t make me a Biafran supporter. Biafra for me is a mindset. If there were no great injustice in the land, there would be no call for Biafra. So, don’t get it twisted.

Sometime in January 2017, I wrote about my thoughts on the Biafra agitation and how I do not consider it a feasible adventure especially when there are so many important things my Igbo kinsmen can alternatively dedicate their all to. I titled the article “The illusion called Biafra”. Those who haven’t read it should read it up because what I wrote therein will always be my stance on Biafra''.
Also, Former Chief Security Officer to late General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, while speaking to newsmen at an International peace campaign, said Nigerians should expect the end to Biafra agitations soon. He said he is working to see the end of the agitations and also working out ways on how to mend issues from within the six geopolitical zones of the North and the South.



Anita Okonkwo

I don't understand charly boy at all. Igbo man for that matter

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

I do not support Biafra for now for multiple reasons but that "One Nigeria" has/is always been a pipe dream. Never existed and will never exist. It's better for everyone to see the light now and let the cointry go separate regions

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

at least some of the facebook Biafrans can read this for themselves and reduce the energy they are generating over nothing

Endy Edeson

@JESSE; from your comment, you opt for restructuring? @OKEY; It's amazing! well, let them continue acting the secession drama everyday. We are watching

Absalom Ellis Biafran

Photoshop, just posting rubbish in the name of journalism

Absalom Ellis Biafran

Endy or whatever your name is where did you get the picture of Nnamdi kanu and you Charlie boy? Yorubas are terrible

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

U should confirm if Charlie boy did not say so. Don't abuse Endy because I have read this statement on various media. Just be sure if Charlie Boy said it.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Charley Boy is right if that was what he said.

As for Mustapha: Someone like him shouldn't be talking publicly in Nigeria until he tells us who killed MKO.

As for me, Biafra is just a mindset as Charles said it.

Yusuf Abba

as for me all those people that a calling for Biafra their idiot. Mumu people

Azubuike Christian Odoemelam

Let's watch and see,

Okpala Emmanuel Chuks

Endy dont make me unfriend u cos i dont see y u shud only rrport againdt God's nation go ask buhari hw market 4 London oo

Okpala Emmanuel Chuks

didnt u hear dat d zoo army blocked my director's way on his way 2 ebonyi state don't be a bias journalist

Emmanuel Gilbert

Al-mustapha and his likes that destroyed this country and wasted innocent blood should just go and hide and enjoy their freedom rather than come to the media talkin nonsense

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