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Monday, 17 July 2017

Baale Of Shangisha Dethroned Over Faking Own Kidnapping

The Governor of Lagos State yesterday ordered the immediate removal of Chief Mutiu Michael Yusuf Ogundare, the Baale of Shangisha in Magodo Lagos for allegedly staging his own kidnapping.
The troubled monarch was suspended temporarily on Friday after he was paraded by police alongside his brother Adams Mohammed. He was stripped off his duty yesterday by Ambode in accordance with section 38, subsection 1 of the Obas & Chiefs Laws of Lagos Inter-alia.



Prince Moses

After now, they will say omo igbo too like money.

Endy Edeson

That's true prince. But crime is not a tribal thing. It's universal

Johnson Ahile

he is too greedy

Oladimeji Kemi

Very greedy, he should face it jare.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

No be only Igbo man dey love money. Yoruba Oba sef follow. Stupid man..

Endy Edeson

@OKEY, KEMI, AHILE; This is a big shame to him and his family. This shows that the so called LEADERS AND ROLE MODELS are behind top criminal acts

Mohammed Musa

He dnt deserve to be a Baale @ all,When this man got missing,,For 2days no shop was open we struggled so hard to get somethings to buy in d shangisha market,Cus we all believe it true nt knwing d Idiot just fooled us

Endy Edeson

@MUSA; From your comment, I can deduce that you live in Magodo. Sorry for what you guys went through because of the fraudulent Baale. @NJOKU; Now, it is clear

Ogunmade Horlamilekan

Magodo again?????

Endy Edeson

@OGUNMADE; Yes, the Baale should be a friend of Evans

Mohammed Musa

Yea i stays in magodo,We are nt save oo

Dannycee Daniel Ceo

My question is who would have pay the ransom, is it lagos state government, his family or his who cuz i dont understand were he want to open the awuf money from

Nwigwe Ogochukwu Anne

This is a big disgrace

Aupe Aupemipo

For me I like the action

Brown Ogba

All na change

Jeremiah Ademolu

very good, can you imagine someone that suppose to be leader in community now think this level of evil in his mind, not only him, his brother also joined him. If this criminals have their way they'll sponsor badoo, in fact they should be investigate more

Justtiin Uzor

Very good idea

Olajide Crown Johnson

This man has brought a big shame not only to him but to both yoruba race and generation of his childrens to come.

Tunde Dickson

If dis is true,is so unfortunate

Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

Ain't nothing I won't hear in this buhari's regime
First a woman fakes her own kidnap so that her husband will hasten her moving over with him to the states
Now this monarch faked his own kidnap
I can't even fake my own kidnap cuz I don't have anyone to exploit...too bad.

Eu C Aristos

But... One striking question should be...

Should a government have the authority to dethrone a ruling monarch?

Nenye Rufus

Let him face the music, it serves him right

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