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Friday, 16 June 2017

Single Female Pastor Without a Husband Gets Pregnant. Says ''I am Not Ashamed''

An unmarried American preacher, Desiree Allen, who got pregnant with twins after engaging in premarital sex with her fiancé, has said that worse things happen in the church leadership.
Pastor Allen serves as the pastor of arts and spiritual formation of First Corinthian Baptist Church in New York City, as well as the director of Harlem’s The Dream Center.

She said she was proud of her pregnancy and would continue to stand on the pulpit to talk about the danger of sin.

Miss Allen, in a long account she shared on her blog, noted that some top members of her church drink, engage in hard drugs, have sex outside marriage and so forth, but people don’t frown at those acts.
Anything wrong for a single female pastor getting pregnant out of wedlock?
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Izirigah Nwafor

very bad of her

Olajide Olushola

is that one a pastor?

Olasunkanmi Ojo

Nothing Wrong With That,that Is Her Own Destiny

Endy Edeson

@Ojo. Destiny? But as a born again Christian, one should abide by the word of God and stay away from immoralities @Olajide...yes. @Nwafor. Other born again Christians should not latch on her act to do similar thing with the mindset that God will forgive them. God works in mysterious ways. Yes, he forgives but don't tempt Him

Isiaka Musa Benue

Perhaps she conceive spiritually without any man touching her is very possible because it has happened to Mery the Mother of Isah.

Henry Bassey

We are all human being. We have blood in our body.

Jamil Imodibie

Abegi she should go and sitdown even in the bible there's nothing like female pastor.

Henry Bassey

She is right some top members do worse

Edwin Scott

I don't see anything bad in that that's her life.

Endy Edeson

@Isiaka, you mean Mary mother of Jesus? hehehe. That's mystery. @Edwin,: yeah, it's better than abortion. @Henry: That's true. I remembered when I gave my life to Jesus Christ, temptations increased. I prayed against women who came to seduce me. It was tough for me to resist their backsides but I overcame it. @Jamil: God forbids women to preach, 1 Cor 14:34. But women want affirmative action even in religion despite God's warning. @Ann: Sure, it's endtime. Prepare for the second coming

Rec Gòşpéllér Eniolorunda

Endy dis one weak me oooo. No b her fault na. No b the mumus wey dey still sit under her ministration?

Henry Sunday

let her look for a place and seat down, what will she preach to her followers.nonsense.

Joseph Tyokoso Akwente

Only God can judge her.

Victor Silas

End time

Endy Edeson

@Rec: hahahaha. You are funny. ''Mumus'' got me cracking. One thing i noticed in life is that every leader has followers. Kidnappers, Pastors, Porn Stars, Politicians, Musicians, Doctors, Lawyers...

@Joseph; yeah, God has a good heart. He forgives. @Victor. It means we should get ready for the 2nd coming

Abasiama Inyang

All have sin & come short of the Glory of God

Azumi Jimoh

Hmmmmm! It is well

Endy Edeson

@Inyang: We are all sinners. We were born sinners. But we have to stay away from avoidable sins. @Jimoh. Yeah. It shall be completely well when the KINGDOM comes

Fountain Adeyemit Joseph-Olatide

I am not the one that called her into ministry, who are we to Judge, condemn, criticise or challenge her, you you can be under her ministration for such act, take your leave, Hosea married to teach the past and present generation lesson, remember Ruth was from God's hate nation, Rahab the harlot received mercy when Jericho was to be destroyed, Paul persecuted the gospel, he later died for, "if with gullibility you are killed by a witch in your sinful life and she later confessed, changed and walk in the way of the LORD, you are on your own"

Benson P. Benson

End time

John Asukwo

Hmmm... In the first place, the church leadership erred: allowing a single, female preacher on a pulpit is a diffraction from scriptural tenets. Two, if she had fallen into such mess as a congregant(just an ordinary member), I would have passed a judgement; but now as a fellow minister, personally I know the temptations that do flood my ways even on the pulpit from opposite sex members; so, it takes the Holy Spirit and true self discipline to stay chaste as a single minister. Furthermore, she deserves a punishment by the board of ministers, probably placing her on suspension. God himself will sure discipline her. What is wrong is wrong: don't justify sin! Again, you that isn't a minister but running your mouth quick into judgement and condemnation, watch those white 32's. Don't be too rash: you may incur curse! Finally, any man born of God doesn't commit sin. That was an act of sin, only pray God to restore her. The Devil has tricks. Pray for ministers! Reporter, fetch good news and report. Shalom!

Manas Mwaza Zacks

The Ibos want Biafra
The North wants Ibo's exit
The Yorubas want to play middle man
The Ibos are saying "we have investments in your areas and cannot leave them" And the fight is being cooked. Amongst all these,
the President is in London
Governors are sharing bailout funds
Workers salaries are not paid
Government officials have their children schooling abroad
Ministers and senators are looting
The poor Hausa man is riding Okada
The poor Ibo man is riding Okada
The poor Yoruba man is riding Okada
The poor Hausa man sleeps in an open field as Alamajiri
The poor Yoruba man sleeps under the bridge as Alaye
The poor Ibo man sleeps under the bridge as Agbero
It is pertinent to note that the poor from all ethnic groups in Nigeria have everything in
common and so is the rich.
Do not allow the agitation of an Ibo man who lives in UK or USA for Biafra cause the killing of the Ibo man in Adamawa.
The rich hate us that much.
Do not allow the Alhaji whose children are living abroad to persuade you to go and
start killing on the street of Kaduna.
The problem in the country is not the agitation of any ethnic group but the unity of the elite and the disunity of the masses.
How many times have you taken your agitation to question your local government Chairmen?
Why have you not asked your Governors through agitation how they spent bailout fund?
Why have you not agitated against that government official whose mansions you go to beg for help?

Sad to note;
All the Governors love themselves
All the past Presidents love themselves
All the senators love themselves
All the top government officials love themselves
All the looters love themselves
Why can't you and I love ourselves?
Why can we combine efforts and fight them?
Why do we fight ourselves?
Why do we allow them the freedom we don't have?
Remember; a good Nigeria is better than a good Arewa, Oduduwa or Biafra...... #EnuffForTheWise #GodSaveMyCountry #ProtectMiPeople.....

Mazi Uche Chimadaada


Abulus Thompson

well that's why God is supreme he is not quick in judgment he have his time and it's the most perfect of all who knows on the judgment day she will be one of God heros i think we christians should try and know how the kingdom of God works morever it's biblically not right for a single woman conceiving without been married when we are in a genaration that women don't conceive by holy spirit God rules; he reign & he forgives his grace is indiscribeable there is no case that God will not take care of remember the bible tell us that the judgment will start in the church.

Enahoro Edekin Wisdom


Owolabi Joseph Tolulope

Self exoneration.

Bussy Duro

End time that's what is happening.

Bekere Becky Afaka

If God forgives her,who are we to talk? My dear preach on

Endy Edeson

@Becky. Hmmmmm. Women right things. @Enahoro: how? @Bussy: sure it is. @Abulus: Like I earlier stated, she did well by not aborting the baby which would have been risky and a greater sin. SURE, God forgives !!!! @Manaz: I pray for unity IN nIGERIA. Unnecessary rivalry and hatred is tearing people apart. @John. Good to know you are a pastor. Well said, prayer is the anti-dote of temptations

Bekere Becky Afaka

Endy not women rights pls ,I no talk anything bout women rights,na another person comment u use as my own?

Bekere Becky Afaka

Anyway, its not a sin to have a baby,children come from God,not from penis

Endy Edeson

hahahahahahahahahaha. not from penis. That got me 'cracking'. For the women right, no. I thought your comment was based on women right.

Bekere Becky Afaka

Endy all d English wey u do for journalism school n yet u no sabi read between d lines? Lol

Bekere Becky Afaka

Watin dey crack u? So u no kno say pikin come from God,some ppl done marry for years,no pikin,yet nothing wrong with them,how do u explain?

Endy Edeson

Well, children are gifts from nature.

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