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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Igbos Cannot Fight Together, They Are Not United - Pete Edochie

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has noted that Igbo people cannot fight any course together because they are not united. Edochie said Igbos are scattered, with no particular goal, adding it is not struggle for anything that will bring them together
but their cultural values.
According to the 70-year-old thespian, most Igbos do not even speak their language again, while calling on Igbo leaders to seek ways to bring the people together.

Edochie, who spoke in Igbo language, told newsmen at the events that mark his seventh birthday, “There are so many issues making me shed tears. One of them is that Igbo people are scattered. They are not in unity. “If you take a close look at the Igbo, You will realize that they cannot fight together. Look, it’s not struggle for anything that will bring Igbo people together. “Have you noticed that only Igbo people pray before eating kola nut? Why I’m saying this is because it is only the culture of the Igbo that can unit them. “If you take a close look, you will also notice that in the whole of Nigeria, the Igbo people are the ones very mad about speaking English. “A Hausa boy will not greet his father in English. A Yoruba person will not greet his/her father in English. “But Igbo person will say ‘good morning sir’ instead of his local greeting. It is painful that the Igbo language is receding and no one is doing anything about it.”


Izirigah Nwafor

what is this man saying. Endy Pete is not an Igbo man

Endy Edeson

Nwafor . That is his views about Igbos. It is up to you to accept it or not

Izirigah Nwafor

This his statement is unpatriotic
LikeReplyDeleteReport1 hour ago

Anita Okonkwo

come rain come shine biafra go come

Endy Edeson

@Cynthia: If so, does his statement means that if Biafra eventually becomes sovereign there will be constant leadership crisis among the leaders? @Anita: let's see how it goes

Ogunmade Horlamilekan

I don't agree with him... Though am not Igbo but that is not true.moreover he should not be saying this at this moment when Igbos in the north have just be given 3 month ultimatum to vacate there

Absalom Ellis Biafran


Endy Edeson

@Ellis: I was surprised on May 30th that Igbos united for the Sit-at-home CALL. If the Igbos continue this way, their desires will be peacefully granted @Ogunmade: That's true. Patriotism should be prioritized by the Igbos right now

Atoyebi Abass Akinloye

Don't get him, he is emphasizing on igbo culture

Endy Edeson

@Abass: his statement encompasses culture, internal unity and good leadership

DjLapel Shizu


DjLapel Shizu

😂 😂 😂

Ezenwa Okorocha Peculiar

Endy Edeson. Kalu was given strict bail conditions (300 000 000) plus other stupid conditions. These Igbos that are not united made it look like chewing gum money. The sit at home Don throw the nation off balance. Before now, you dear not mention Biafra anyhow. But today even the vice president and other notable Nigerians speak about Biafra. (browse abt biafra at 50) . I don't know your state governor, but I know Nnamdi Kanu is more popular Dan whoever he is and that your Gideon Okah. Go to your previous update on Kalu and Okah in Kuje and know why mentioned him.

Endy Edeson

@Ezenwa: Your points are okay but the news is not about me or my State governor, Nyesom Wike. It is about the Igbos. Thanks

Ezenwa Okorocha Peculiar

Yes. You have always been biased abt this Biafra issue. Check your # tags. And flash back to our previous arguments over these.

Endy Edeson

@Ezenwa: Well, it's not what you think. This post is strictly for informational purpose. I am an advocate of peace and unity. I am not against Biafra. Infact, I was discussing with an Igbo lady yesterday on the Biafra issue. She excitedly told me how she would go back to the East to do her business if Biafra scales through. Guess what I told her... I simply told her that I will also be happy for Biafra to come to realty if only the transition to sovereignty is done in peace and tranquility

Ezenwa Okorocha Peculiar

Endy Edeson. The last I checked ghana and cotonu, Igbos have purchased and developed a lot of properties dia. Got to Togo, same things. I don't want to mention other places round the world. God decided to bless the world with igbo tribe. The are the most peaceful and the only tribe that can cohabit with any tribe and colour in the world. They have never and can never be violent to any creature. A good history students will account how Igbos wia painfully pushed to accept the first war. But this time, we have gone ahead of dem.

Ezenwa Okorocha Peculiar

We will push every country of the world with peaceful agitations and the will be forced to listen to us. We are almost coverings every sovereign nation of the world

Endy Edeson

@Even: That is what I want to hear. Peaceful agitation is what I want Biafrans to use. At this point in our lives, it would be out of place to plunge into another civil war. I want Nigeria to live in peace and Biafra to live in peace also when "it"' gains independence. #IstandForPeace

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