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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Arewa Group Vows To Chase Igbos Out Of North Despite Reproach

The leaders of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, have said that the threat of arrest by the government of Kaduna State will not stop them from insisting that people of Igbo extraction should leave the north.

The group, a coalition of some northern groups, insisted on its stance that Igbos leave the 19 northern states within three months.
One of the leaders of the group, who read their declaration on Tuesday, Abdulaziz Suleiman, said they held a meeting in Kaduna yesterday after the threat of arrest and decided that “there will be no retreat, no surrender”.

Mr. Abdulaziz, the National Coordinator of Northern Emancipation Network, NEN, told newsmen they are not advocating violence.
“Our declaration did not mention violence at all. The Igbo have consistently insisted that they don’t want to be in Nigeria, let them therefore, go back to their places “They don’t believe in Nigeria, so, we also don’t believe in them,” he said.
Mr. Suleiman also accused Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State of playing politics over the matter.
“Where was El Rufai when the Igbos gave the Fulani ultimatum to leave their areas?
“Where was he when over 500 northerners were killed in Ile Ife? These people just politicise everything.
“Because he wants to run for President, he chose to ignore his people and appease the Igbo? Goodluck to him,” he said.
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Abayomi Ife Jones

Wat a hypothetical world we leave in.. Some group of people said they want to "leave Nigeria "nobody tell them to shut up, they even went as far as calling Nigeria a "zoo "no leader in that region order them arrested. Now some group of people help them by giving them 3moths time line now heaven let loose. Haba Nigerians !

Ezenwa Okorocha Peculiar

After they must have left north, it will be the turn of south west to chase them out of Yoruba land.

Absalom Ellis Biafran


Abayomi Ife Jones

Namdi kanu called Nigeria a "zoo" if you don't know let me remind you.

Ezenwa Okorocha Peculiar

Absalom Ellis Biafran never mind, dem. Let's see how much dia shoe shiners can raise as tax when Igbos must have left. And dia nail cutters sent back to them. I wonder wia dey will raise money to buy horses for dia Emirs

Absalom Ellis Biafran

OK let me remind you as well, buhari said if what happen in 2011 repeat itself, dog and baboon will be soaked in their blood, who was he referring as a dog and baboon? Me and you of course, where can you find baboon? either in forest or zoo

Endy Edeson

@Abayomi: Nigeria is a business owned by group of persons. The people who own Nigeria won't allow it to turn to a bad business.

Abayomi Ife Jones

Hmm, well said

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

All country is owned by some people.

Endy Edeson

@Akintoye: Yeah. It's just like royalty. The king won't allow his kingdom to leave his kindred. Power is powerful

Monday Onoja

Let tread with caution please

Manas Mwaza Zacks

Igbos brot this on their selves. Since they want to leave naija, d North will help dem.

Hyginus Ejiofor


Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

I support too. They should leave north.

Johnson Ebubechukwu

It is good so that most of Igbos will know their fatherland

Eu C Aristos

Oooh. I still think this move by the arewa youths, if upheld, is a good omen for the whole naction.

Jeremiah Ademolu

Are they not in the other part of the ccountry as well...FOOLS

Yusuf Abba

Hmmm I think is a good I dear. as igbo people want be on their own. yes the have to lleave. go back to their father land. so that every one can have rest of mind.

Yakubu Laminu

Lai I don't think this is happening in northern Nigeria.

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