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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Ikoyi $43 Million: NIA, Rivers State Government Claim Ownership

Rivers State Governor has given the Federal Government an ultimatum of 7 days to return the $43million dollars found in a luxury apartment in Ikoyi to the Rivers State Government , failure which the State Government will take legal measures to ensure that it gets back her stolen resources.
Governor Wike also declared that the $43million dollars found in the luxury apartment in Ikoyi belongs to the Rivers State Government. Governor Wike said that investigations by the Rivers State Government revealed that the money was proceed from the sale of gas turbines by the immediate past Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi.

However, more trouble looms as National Intelligence Agency (NIA) a highly secretive organisation in Nigeria’s security circles, that oversees foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations in the country has also claimed ownership of the money.

In response, Governor Wike said all the stories being peddled about the money belonging to the National Intelligence Agency are false and mere face saving measures by the embattled APC Federal Government.

Guys, What do you think?
Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson


Oloye Adeniyi Oyekunle

It is getting interesting...

Endy Edeson

OLOYE: the court will decide

Izirigah Nwafor

it belongs to rivers . APC agenda exposed

Alex Oluwafemmie Olumiday

Strong smile...

Amobi Onyeje

Another seasonal movie is about to start, but in Nigeria you can only see the beginning...am very sure this story will end like otedola's story.

Ademola Adekunle Abraham

If River state government own it then
*why is it not in River state account
*Why was it abandoned in Lagos?

Who is fooling who

Endy Edeson

@Ademola: Because the money was allegedly being MOVED by CABALS. @Amobi: sure most political cases in Nigeria end the same way. @Alex: strong smile?

Ademola Adekunle Abraham

Who are CABALS?

Ademola Adekunle Abraham

That is why I still said

Who is fooling who

Rose Uranta Ann

The money belongs to me

Endy Edeson

@Rose: hehehehe. They will come after you ooooo. I no dey ooo. hahahahaha.

Rose Uranta Ann

Yes it is my prayer for them to come and arest me

Oloye Adeniyi Oyekunle

Be careful of what you wish for...

Rose Uranta Ann

Since d money no get owner den it belongs to somebody which is me

Endy Edeson

@ROSE: HA ! Like seriously? I know you are joking but I think Oloye has a point.

Kpogbara Gifted

I have been looking for that money since three months ago, a đŸ€ in my house took it to Lagos from Rivers State that's why it was in a building owned by no one. Anyway, sincerely speaking and base on logistics, it's our money, Rivers state Money. #bringBackOurMoney

Abulus Thompson

Who are d cabals nd when wil this nonesense stop? look at the way Nigerians are suffering but d same people who imposed themselves to us as leaders are looting and stil playing wit d same looted funds right on our nose. CHAI this politicians dnt have shame dragging hidden looted funds in public we need a peaceful revolution enough is enough.

Jeremiah Ademolu

This country is becoming something else, in a country where there's recession, someone is busy keeping billions of naira in a house where some people can't even afford to live...what a shame!

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