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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Endy Edeson Spotted Eating Ghanaian Jollof Rice At An Event In Lagos

The editor of Edeson Online News, Mr. Endy Edeson was recently spotted eating Ghanaian Jollof rice at an event in Lagos. Aside the Ghanaian Jollof rice, Mr. Edeson was also offered salad, Chivita fruit juice, fayrous, table water, fufu and egusi soup. We learnt he ate everything and was very

When quizzed on his take on Ghanaian Jollof rice he said, "Well, it tastes good and I enjoyed it. This is actually my first time of eating it. To tell you the truth, I still prefer Nigerian Jollof rice over Ghanaian Jollof rice"

However, the calm looking News Reporter, Mr. Edeson was seen leaving the event venue with two take-away packs loaded with Ghanaian Jollof rice and goat meat.

The points of origin of Jollof rice are mostly debated among Ghanaians and Nigerians, since both countries claim to be the origin of jollof rice. It is typically seen as a culturally sensitive issue between Nigerians and Ghanaians.

1. Have you eaten Ghanaian Jollof rice before?
2. Nigerian Jollof rice and Ghanaian Jollof rice, which is better?
Written & Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson

Aruoture Goodie

Lmao... Calm looking blogger ..

Olajide Olushola

na naija jollof rice sure pass

Ezeneche Daniel

Ask Lai Mohammad, he have a better answer.....lol

Endy Edeson

@Daniel: Lai is not patriotic on this matter. How can he give the credit to Senegal? @Aruoture: Yeah, That is it. @Olajide: you be real omo naija

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

Best news ever Endy!! #winx# How are you jaree?

Endy Edeson

@MARY-ANN: Awwwwwww. really? I am fine ooo, Paparazzi caught up with me when I was enjoying my Ghanaian Jollof rice ooo. So, have you eaten it before? Do you prefer it to that of Nigeria?

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Endy, he isn't patriotic? Do you know jollof did actually start from Senegal? And they do make a great jollof. Even Ghanians. Our AWOL presido has said more "unpatriotic" words

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

Abeg what is the different btw Nigeria jollof and Ghana jollof

Endy Edeson

@Jesse: That is on historical level. But in the trending context, every Nigerian is expected to give more points in order to "take the day".

Neney F Sophey

Enjoyment...nice one

Funmilayo Ojo


Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Endy, yea, I get that but he isn't unpatriotic for saying what he believes is the best j-rice he's eaten

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

Amnt a rice fan evntho rice is one of naija's staple foods but i prefer naija jollof rice cooked wit palmoil and seasoned wit knorr chicken cubes and garnished with fresh sliced tomatoes!

Nwigwe Ogochukwu Anne

lol..u prefer Nigeria Jollof rice n u still took two take away?

Godwin Epu

I go blow whistle to EFCC oo @ Ede.πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses

Endy Edeson

@ANNE:hahahahaha. people at home will eat as well. @MARY ANN: Correct Naija girl. @Jesse: I think most people are seeing this in different angles. @Neney & Funmilayo: SURE. AKEEM: For you to understand Ghanaian jollof rice, you have to know that the rice used is different from the Nigerian one. Their preference is Thai Jasmine- a perfumed more starchy rice which we call “basmati”. The average Ghanaian can’t stand the long grain rice Nigerians eat. They say it’s not sweet and the grains are too fat. @Godwin: I no do anything oooo. Na only Ghanaian Jollof rice I eat ooo.

Favour Erobor L

Na breaking news?

Endy Edeson

@Favour: good evening brother. No be Breaking News ooo. RATHER, a trending news.

Oluwatoyin Obanla

Endy,you like basket mouth in this picture

Manas Mwaza Zacks

sorry oo abeg u b luciffer

Rotkang Tanimu Gontur

Eat n continue posting truthful n factual stories for us o.

Nana Boako-Addy

Ghanaian jollof is bae😘

Endy Edeson

@Zacks: what do you mean by Lucifer? @Rotkang: of course, expect more authentic news stories. @Nana: Ghanaian boy is around. He is representing.

Endy Edeson

@Obanla: you got to be kidding me bro. My people help me ask OBANLA if this two guys look the same.
Image may contain: 2 people, beard and text

Rotkang Tanimu Gontur

For bear bear

Olawale Bodunde

Hahahaha...Mr endy u prefer naija jollof to Ghanian and u still took take away..lols

Endy Edeson

@Olawale: how are you? of course, I am generous. So, I will share it with people at home. Hehehehehe

Olawale Bodunde

Am very well thanks
I hope u enjoy ur self to the fullest.....#ghanianjollofπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Joseph David-Iyabor

Naija jollof rice na baba!

Endy Edeson

@Joseph: good-evening. sure. Proudly Nigerian.

Joseph David-Iyabor

Yes me I dey Yankee but I dey feel your swag from Northwest Arkansas

Endy Edeson

Wow ! That's great. Thanks for your compliment. I hope you eat Jollof rice in Arkansas, USA?

Joseph David-Iyabor

I dey improvise by myself even get Ghanian friends dey always argue with me for this matter sef......but Naija nor dey carry last

Joseph David-Iyabor

I dey represent wella

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