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Thursday, 15 December 2016

After Conquering Naive Nigerians, MMM Runs To Kenya

Edeson Online News has gathered that more than 100 bankers may lose their jobs for luring their bank customers into investing in the failed MMM Just for 10% commission.

However, after conquering naive South Africans, Zimbabweans and Nigerians, we learnt MMM has taken its message to Kenya, {promising} 40% return on investment.

The scheme, which calls itself a Global financial social network but is really just a Ponzi scheme was created by Russian "smart man", Sergei Mavrodi.

We pray those affected by MMM recover their money by January 2017. Amen.
Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Arowolo Oluwagbenga Benjamin


Arogundade Olumide S

Aturo ta bi elubo....edyson on ur own nla

Uche Okor

Thank God i didn't put one kobo with them.

Arogundade Olumide S

Edison oni iro nla

Endy Edeson

@olumide: mi oni iro oooo... mafu yin ogbonge Iroyin

Browayson John Annagu

Time will tell if thy have actually deserted naija for Kenya truly,only time will tell Endy

Stanley Igbins

Plz before u post any news try and update ur self...MMM is working fine here so I wonder were u got the news that it has failed???this is d first time ur posting a news that is totally absurd.

Terna Naize Iorjah

This is not the first time my brother He said sometime back that somebody killed himself cos of mmm that was several weeks before the frozen stuff......he is just a learner

Arogundade Olumide S

@ Endy Edeson, have been your follower for a while now.. But on this one... Iro nla lo mu wa fun wa... Bro it's better you put it the it is..

Arogundade Olumide S

The way it is

Browayson John Annagu

I also disagree with u on this Endy Edeson.. Cos d site is still accessible, & u of all pple saying that MMM has packed & moved to Kenya is appalling.. It shows u don't actually knw what u are reporting. Pls do some more research cos this one doesn't sell.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

I read about the Kenya MMM before I read from Endy. Endy got it right. Common sense should inform us that for the very scheme that told millions of Nigerians to wait till mid January...to open immediate office in Kenya... e get as e be. Thank God for information technology... the world is wired for those who wish to know

Browayson John Annagu

Hw e be?,all I knw is dat time will tell,cos Endy's report is based on speculations & so is urs

Stanley Igbins

So what concerns Nigeria with Kenyan?,

Endy Edeson

@John: you have to think deep after reading a news story. I always maintained on this platform that "there is more to a news story than meets the eyes". The thing is, any emotional intelligent person should be wary of over-hyped money schemes. Am not against the MMM stuff but i think people should invest wisely. @Enyinda: January will tell it all. I pray mmm unlocks their money. I also think many mmm participants will "RETHINK" after January 20, 2017 weather they get their money back or not.

Browayson John Annagu

Yea, I knw there always is more to a story than meets d eye Endy & we all are adults in d first instance, can make decisions for ourslvs as u knw,so this is more like somthn any adult can handle either way it goes and for ur info no one was put under dures when we all registered & of course we all knew it would com to an end one day,but it hasn't yet,this is first hand information moreover I dnt knw why d Nigerian mass media & govt are both so against this system that has/still helping me,U & so many others when d government of d day has failed we d youths & d nation.. Why won't so many of us go for what we knw is real than what our govt can offer us?,no post u make about MMM will make us blv cos if u are in d system u won't write such reports,not cos I am a die hard mbr or anything but for the fact that we all are reasonable adults,no one shld tell d other what to think or say we shld blv what d mass media writes,cos all of it is second hand information. So I refuse to blv ur story this time around.

Ogundeji Olaniyi Oriyomi

MMM! Who you help?

Terna Benshog Shogodo

Monkey Money Madness

DjLapel Shizu

MMM Gbera!!! Aja sare owo jo nor

Charles Nwoko

Bros who you EPP??? You'all need to stop these crazy shit about MMM. If you don't understand the system ask questions for enlightenment. Besides, the money in question isn't yours so what's your pain????

Balogun Saheed

Moku Mogbe Modaran

Mazi Uche Chimadaada


Eddyjoe Benson

MMM is gone stop encouraging yourselves


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