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Sunday, 4 September 2016

FLASH BACK NEWS: On September 4, 1984 Buhari's Govt Sentenced Fela Kuti to 10 Years in Prison

When General Muhammadu Buhari came to power, there was wide corruption in the Second Republic. A decree was passed that nobody take out or bring in foreign currency into the country. Offenders are liable
to 10years in Jail. This decree was to curb money laundering by politicians and corrupt businessmen.

Fela had performed abroad, he was paid in foreign currency in cash and had it on him on his return to Lagos. He was subsequently arrested for breaking the law and was prosecuted, found guilty and jailed. There was a plea by human right groups to Head of State Buhari to "pardon" Fela, he refused because he believe that the law be served to the letter.

Secondly, Fela bringing in cash means it contradicts the law/decree, however, the money is from hard work. Morally, he's justified! Legally, he is not.

Buhari had refused to grant pardon, because the law was broken. If he grants pardon, some section of politicians will accuse him of preferential treatment. He didn't because he believes in absolute discipline.
However, after 20 months, Fela was released from prison by General Ibrahim Babangida.
Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Uroko Victor Onuora

Goodluck Jonah lost the election because his campaign team are just potbellied idiots without initiatives.., if you've ever taken out time to listen to what FELA had to say about buhari you'll agree with me that no sane Nigerian would've voted APC not to mention voting buhari..., Goodluck made a big mistake by trying to ridicule buhari's old age forgetting we're all still Africans and in Africa we respect and Revere gray hairs.., whatever happened to that guy that sang BUHARI PULL OVER..., am quite sure he's probably on exile by now

Endy Edeson

@oyedika: thanks. happy Sunday. @Uroko: GEJ govt was better in terms of commodity price . These days 'Praise Singing" is what is en-vogue. No more social activism

Uroko Victor Onuora

I wonder who voted buhari into power in the first place..., probably the trees and cattles in daura.., definitely not me and my likes @Endy., Or did you?

Endy Edeson

@uroko: VOTED for Buhari? I will tell you later. Femi Adeshina is watching... Just Kidding. BUT SERIOUSLY, how would you describe Fela?

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

In economic mess or shud i say political mess lik dis, i wish fela was alive, he nva feared d liks of whoeva we call our presnt president wen he was alive. Y ar pple scared of him anyway? Me amnt o. Jst open d pages of any newspaper or turn on ur tv, all u hear is his name and he seems to b enjoyin d cheap publicity, him and his cohorts. I laff bcos he himsef knws dat apart frm his wives and childrn, no oda persn liks him, evn his party membaz dnt lik him, dey ar all faking to lik his govt. U will evn b surprizd dat evn his own daura pple dnt lik him if u search their hrts. Evryone is jst faking d likness dey ar showin him. So lets jst allow him enjoy d cheap fake publicity while in power bcos dats d biggest tin idiagbon stole frm him durin d military era CHEAP FAKE PUBLICITY!! Is idiagbon stil enjoyin it nw? Lolz

Prince Kenneth Osarenren

Idiagbon is late
Like · Delete · Report · Sunday at 6:13pm

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

Den solve and complete d puzzle dear. Lolz

Prince Kenneth Osarenren

I go soon change my nationality very soon
Run leave them with their CHANGE

Onanome Mary-Ann Ifunanya Eyeye

Lolz. U wan check out ni dear? Kom carry me too oo!!

Polycarpz Igboon

A serving Vice premier was executed by North Corean government for sleeping on duty! You break the law you face the wrath period! Sai baba....... Till we die

Tony Ikpe

Na waow

Osuntokun David

30 years after...President Buhari still used the same policy last year causing scarcing of dollar making naira currency weak against dollar..that's poor economy policy

Mac Dollarsign

Buhari shit

Eu C Aristos

I wonder what economic relevance comes with having an old dullard as president...

Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

Make i clap for him abi,since the days of d second republic be has always bn a failure, why didn't see nd recollect all these nd still went ahead nd voted him in a 2nd time

Angelus Malachi Obidigwe

Dollar was equal to how many Naira (Dollar=....Naira) den... He only has past glories...

Kachy Emmanuel

Buhari, U again!

Chibunna Antony

Buhari goat

Chibunna Antony

I blem the so called Nigerian s that voted him

Amaechi Paulo Bienonwu

say baba na wow ooo,we are goin down no wrk 4 hand guys like us nigeria economic is goin down let go bk to were we are b4 let fous on oil plz ,to eat na problem APC is ok.God help us .thanks Endys

Emmanuel Divine

they did not vote him into power, he stole it, Buhari is a thief


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