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Monday, 29 August 2016

BIAFRA UPDATES: Goliath Defeated David in Nigeria as Nnamdi Kanu Betrays Biafrans

In chemistry, the Plurality of Nigeria is known to have the strongest chemical bond called "Covalent or Ionic Bonds. This kind of bonds share things in common and cannot break.

In the Christian Bible, small David may have defeated giant Goliath but in today Nigeria, it will be very difficult for David to beat Goliath. Nigeria in this context is Goliath (though not an evil country) and the agitators are David.

In Nigeria, David is too small to defeat Giant & Covalent Chemically bonded Goliath called Nigeria. Instead of wasting his time to fight, David surrendered and asked Goliath for Friendship.

Nnamdi Kanu has been sacked as director of Radio Biafra following his sweet romance with the Nigerian government. Due to his betrayer, IPOB has been re-branded as RE-IPOB (Reformed Indigenous People of Biafra).

The question now is: Should another David emerge to fight Goliath?
Or should all the DAVIDS become friends with Goliath?
Written & Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Endy Edeson

@mazi: what not true?

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Am yet to fathom how he betrayed the biafrans.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

And he is still the director of the movement.

Endy Edeson

do I need to explain in details again? The information is in the public domain for everyone to access. Okay, in a nutshell, he denounced Biafra to regain his freedom after year-long white-elephant battle with Nigeria that landed him in Kuje prison

Wel Sight Asika

Use maggot posting from the pit of hell.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Wel Sight Asika, is it true?

Wel Sight Asika

Hahahahah lies from the pit of hell

Wel Sight Asika

Fools can be easily be fool, one week Biafra this garbage..... Radio Biafa have already air this childish play buhari is writing for his zombies to spread.

Endy Edeson

@well sight: It is unethical for the media to spread propaganda.

Chimmy Ellis Biafran


Chimmy Ellis Biafran

Number one propagandist in nigeria is the media house

Wel Sight Asika

Hahahahah another garbage from APC fellow

Wel Sight Asika

Nigeria media of Lagos/ Ibadan media mafia are unethical ...... They are gutter media .... For gutter people to believe, Is there any thing like ethics in the media?

Emy Dany

@ Endy Edeson its like you just woke up , media can be used to fight against a purpose, are they using you ? If he has gained freedom, that does not mean that he denounce Biafra, if you claim to start a media work , try to visit scenes not copying from one fake information to another deriving and ariving at a local junction by concluding that its unethical for a media house to state such, please i do read your news very well but don't be copying and arriving at a lost stand waiting for a faulty bus to carry you.

Japheth Onyedikachi Nwadiogor

your reputation can be dented by just a single silly post on social media. eddy i h*t* you for this one.

Emy Dany

Read what is happening Endy EdesonIs Nnamdi Kanu Safe? As Confusion, Gunshots & Riot Breaks Out In Kuje Prison
Riot broke out in Kuje Prison on Monday morning just as officials arrived at the facility for their routine duties.
A top prison official, who cannot be named because he is not authorized to speak on the matter, told correspondent the crisis started at about 10.30am from one of the blocks and spread to other blocks within the facility.
He said a team of security operatives had been drafted to the facility to contain the uprising but could not tell whether any inmate had escaped.
Another source said inmates had been locked up while heavily armed security operatives fire teargas towards inmates’ cells.
“There is heavy shooting now,” the source said. “The whole place is in confusion. All the inmates have been locked in their cells but the security operatives are shooting teargas into the cells,” the source said.
“We don’t know what happened but it seems there is serious trouble here. There are so many armed security operatives all over the place.”
The spokesperson of the Nigerian Prison Service, Francis Enobore, confirmed the incident when contacted by journalists.
“We have received report of a problem in Kuje Prision but give me a little time to get the facts on it as some of our men are already on ground to handle the situation,” he said.
“We are monitoring what is happening. I will revert to you as soon we get more detail from our men on the ground.”
There have been increasing cases of jailbreaks in recent times.
On July 30, not less than 13 inmates escaped from Koton Karfe prison in Kogi State.
Ten days later, no fewer than 15 inmates at the Federal Prisons in Nsukka, Enugu State, escaped in another jailbreak that reportedly took place late in the evening.
Also this August, no fewer than 14 inmates of the Abakaliki prison in Ebonyi State capital, were feared killed during a jailbreak bid under the cover of a prison riot.

Endy Edeson

@Dany: You know this my article was not copied from anywhere. It was originally written by me with known facts. Let's call a spade a Spade, not a showel. There is no need for Nigeria arguing with Germany over who won in Rio 2016 Men's Football Semi-Finals when it's obvious to the whole world that Germany won. I hope you got my analogy

Brown Ogba

Stop spreading false information

Njoku Onyekachi

Still can't see any sense in what u posted here.

Endy Edeson

@Njoku: You are witholding the sense in this post to yourself. Come on, let it out ! @ogba: your proof please.

Crmde Okwaa Chuks

@√Čndy, only in Nigeria a spade can serve as a shovel.

Gaby Drealit

Please verify ur news before posting

Jack Obinna Okoye

Confused blogger

Edet Daniel

The igbo (south east)will never accept the truth untill they have been wiped out from the surface of the earth,they are dogmatic and also bunch of illiterate the only thing they are good at is been dubious in all ramification even if they see the truth they will never accept mumu people

Chine Kingsley

Endy y re always confused,

Chine Kingsley

Endy y re u always confused

Endy Edeson

@kingsley, jack, gaby. why are you not giving details with your comments. Because this story is true. That's why you are speechless. @Edet: Abeg tell them "Jare" to accept the truth ... BUT not all South-easterners are not illiterates and dubious

Emy Dany

@ Endy Edeson you concored that south easterners are as stated up here, i just got to know your sence of humor and your media level .

Endy Edeson

@dany: i did not agree with edet that south-easterners are illerates and dubious. The part i agree with him is that of "Some Igbos here not accepting the present Biafra State of affairs"

It'z Stanley Uchenna

Endy Edeson is a fake and biased journalist. I have known that for a while now, so, anything he posts doesn't supprise me anymore

Endy Edeson

@Stanley: hahahahahaha. Really? my previous comments on this post answers your COMMENT

Muyiwa Kusimo

If the veracity of this news is anything to come by...Then it can be best described as a dogged fight for liberty...

Incarceration is the worst nightmare any human being dare not think about...The watch word here is "Compromise" a mortal soul can compromise the most difficult situation in exchange for freedom/liberty..

However the struggles continue for Biafrans agitators,hence they should be dutiful in looking for a resilient dogged fighter who will take the mantle of leadership and subsequently champion their part to a formidable and respected territory.

Ezeneche Daniel

Mr Endy, I'm not actually here to comment on ur write-up but I've actually gone through the comments and i saw one silly and stupendous comment of one Mr/Mrs Edet on Igbos and i also saw ur response to that which is not what you're supposed to say as a journalist you claimed to be (i'm not insulting your profession but i felt bad that what you ought to do in that comment above, you didn't do it rather you treated the matter one-sided). For the young man/woman that vomited that trash, i'm not here have war of words with you but i urge you to learn how to comment on issues so serious especially when it pertains the issues of ethnicity. Thank you

Angel Michael Chinedu

Endy is a fool of 30

Kachy Emmanuel

No Wonder the only advert u get is only on electrical fittings. No one can compete with Linda Ikeji Blog.

Kachy Emmanuel

After LIB the rest nah trash....... Brown envelope. Blog.

Zack Bestman Isha Jnr

So its only Edet's comment u saw. What abt d insults they hv meted on Mr Endy!

Ohanwadi Chinonso

Endy, you are biased. Where on earth did u learn that KANU had a "sweet romance" with Nigeria government? I don't think it was among what the so called re-ipob stated, moreova who are they to sack KANU?

Endy Edeson

@Kachy: come on don't insult my business. Am not here to compete with Linda Ikeji. ENDY EDESON is a BRAND of its Own. Am doing my thing weather am as big as LINDA IKEJI or Not. I am happy Blogging is what pays my bills. @Angel: am not a fool bro because you can't proof why.@Daniel: I am sorry, If I may have sounded One-Sided to my respond to EDET. Thank you

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