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Thursday, 28 July 2016

WEIRD NEWS: Nigerian Man, Habeeb Babatunde Becomes a Woman after Surgery

A Nigerian who was born as a man, Habeeb Babatunde Lawal, has joined the likes of Miss SaHhara and Stephanie Rose, two of the most popular transgenders, by undergoing a surgery to become a woman.

Lawal who was a top entertainment journalist in Nigeria before travelling to the United States of America for further studies, now goes by name Noni Salma after his successful surgery. She is currently working as an LGBT rights activist in the UK.
Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Bussy Duro and 3 others like this.

Agada Damian Gentle

it is possible to enlarge the breast but the other side how can Doctor change it or na woman with only breast

Endy Edeson

@Agada: there are special doctors for this kind of surgery

Onose Iyere Iluobe

Signs of the time

Endy Edeson

@onose: i wonder how the family we take this. a UNILAG graduate

Rukayat Adaji Mohammed

Hmmmm even in naija again.. you know when I'm watching Botched on E channel will say the westerners must be out of their minds and now my own naija person hhhmmmm..

Endy Edeson

@rukayat: Nigerians are human too. Though, things like this is a taboo in Nigeria

Hollopo Crew

Omg.... Weirdos

Rukayat Adaji Mohammed

Yea@ Endy.. it is well oo

Asom Ru-ching James


Onose Iyere Iluobe

I kw by how him mama go don faint and wake up several times. Shame on him

Elee Christian Chinweike

Endy no they post this kind 📰 here

Janet Felix


Mastercrown Dalugus

Wonders they say shall never cease 😵😵

Endy Edeson

@Elee: I guess you have seen my current affairs and other educational posts today. Can you give me two reasons why I shouldn't post this ? No hard feelings bro. just give me two reasons

Obinna Obi

I wish him well,finallt I don't judge such people its. either he felt trapped in a mans body or he's. clearly demented but either ways people. can explain their story and decisions better than u can ever. do,so the best is wish whomever. "Goodluck"‪#‎no‬ one knows kind. of kids we may have,hence I doint. judge

Browayson John Sr.

Thats true Obinna.. Nice one

Sasha Dogo Yaria

Chai hmmm.I wonder

Simon DonSim Yahya

May his soul rest in peace

Sasha Dogo Yaria

Simon DonSim Yahya he no die Ooo.hehehehe

Simon DonSim Yahya

His soul is dead dear

Sasha Dogo Yaria

Yh dear

Browayson John Sr.

Maybe he had some female like features or characters that he had been fighting all his life in Naija. So i blv he must have had this intention since he attained adult age & got d opportunity to do it after leaving for his studies.. Exposure do a whole lot more than we imagine most a times..

Endy Edeson

@Shasha: tell simon. Hahahahaha. @Simon, like seriously, are you for real? @John: yeah, that could be the reason

Simon DonSim Yahya

His soul is already dead, whn u got no love 4 God Creation u'll believe anything n do anything.

Sasha Dogo Yaria

Chai hmmm.I wonder

Priceless Precious Alli

Evil you were made a man and you will always be a man know matter how you change yourself.

Salami Muyideen Obafemi

Mehn! I know this guy ooo... He's crazy

Bekere Becky Afaka


Jessy Brewer

Looks better as a man ... Ugly as a woman

Ojims Rooney

What's the meaning?

Tunde Ayele

Endy,tell him not to come home I think that's best.....

Stanlon Özil Madridista Igbins

What he did was by choice,or maybe he felt obligated to...and for the guy who said Mr Endy shouldn't post something like this again,if he didn't post this would u have seeing this news???..carry on my able blogger(Endy)

Japheth Onyedikachi Nwadiogor

This beats my imagination

Agada Damian Gentle

@ Endy i just the wonder how the doctor will construct the vagina

Tyris D Overcomer


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