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Friday, 8 July 2016

RELIGIOUS NEWS: Bishop Oyedepo Junior Pastor’s Ex-Driver Converts to Islam

Bishop David Oyedepo is arguably the richest pastor in the world. His establishments and companies has employed thousands of persons. To get a job in his company or schools, you must be his church member
or attend his church weekly service.
Bishop David Abioye is “second in command” to Bishop Oyedepo in the Living Faith Church Enterprise. Edeson Online News learnt from authoritative source that a former driver to David Abioye has converted from Christianity to Islam. Nicholas Martins is his name but he adopted Ismail Haruna as his new name. Ismail said he is happier as a Muslim than he was as a Christian.
He made the decision to convert to Islam after he was wrongly accused of stealing and sacked as a driver by Bishop Oyedepo’s church branch in Kaduna State. Ismail worked for Bishop Abioye for almost 5 years. He stop going to church after he was sacked for more than 6 years before embracing Islam (the religion of peace)
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Miz Anabel and 4 others like this.

Charles Taiwo

Bishop Oyedepo Juniour Pastor’s Ex-Driver Converts to Islam......Don't see how this news is related with Bishop Oyedepo. He wasn't even his(Bishop Oyedepo's) driver. Check ur spellings too pls

Chibuikem Chibix Okudo

hahahaha. this is fatal and savage. sha the editor gets what he deserves

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

Regardless of how they tried to tarnish the image of islam, this religion of peace will continue to grow.

Ekeh Queen

Don't fool yourself on social media

Waliu Ariyo Olamide

Ekeh Queen I hope you don't start an argument about what you barely understand, else you'll be the fool here.

Endy Edeson

@charles: because Bishop Abioye is a pastor of Living Faith Church owned by Bishop Oyedepo. He is not as popular as Oyedepo. So Oyedepo's name goes a long way to solidify the story

Ekeh Queen

Mind how you write things Endy, put them as they are ok. An ex driver for more than Six (6) years has nothing to do with Bishop David Oyedepo Or Bishop David O. Abioye... Be corrected.

Yusuf Abba

that's nice. Endy. we are waiting for you too. Endy

Endy Edeson

@ekeh: a past can be forgetton but can't be deleted. Ismail Haruna's life story will not be complete without his foray in Living Faith Church.@yusuf: waiting for me ! hmmm. i reserve my comment

Ekeh Queen

Endy, don't think you can grow in your Journalism work by writing about great men of God. Am sure even the youngest pastor in LFC Kaduna has forgotten they ever employed someone like him. And to get you corrected again, if they say he stole and sacked him, there must be evidences.

Oluwatoyin Oshinowo Macjob

ur headline is not good n the story is not newsworthy.

Oluwatoyin Oshinowo Macjob

ur headline is not good n the story is not newsworthy.

Samuel James Dan

Useless post

Ekeh Queen

Very Useless

Ozaveshe Balogun

very harsh of you two!!!!!

Akindele Olalekan

Why are you people celebrating thief, Ole is Ole. Christian can not celebrate unrepentance thief.

Endy Edeson

@all: please don't be too hard on me. remember that the nature of my job requires "arresting" write-up. it's not as if i deviated from the headline. Critically read the write-up, you will find out that I am logically right to use Bishop Oyedepo. For all Living Faith Church Members, this post is genuine and is not intended to tarnish the image of your church. (I only publish / post "ARRESTING STORIES" you can trust)

Amaechi Paulo Bienonwu

Guys there is samething that made him to change his mind ...let say the truth

Bro Nuhu Yusufu

Any if it true ahamdidllahi but your thon is around the coner

Kingsley Giadom Massimo

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Rec Gòşpéllér Eniolorunda

Am sure Endy is the only one that will give the headline this way. Anyway,we got ur msg.

Eze Solomon Emeka

Endy, you'll make more money as a comedian😁
Please give it a try.

Sunday Odikemmere Onwuegbu

if any man behavior cause you to doubt or disbelief God, than you have never know God. no more can I say

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