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Monday, 4 July 2016

FINANCIAL TIPS: If You Have a Bank Account in Nigeria, Please Read This Important Information

Nigerians like to make hay while the sun shines but sometimes they panic over trivial issues as if rapture is happening. Customers of Skye Bank immediately ran to the bank to withdraw their money after news of
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) firing the bank's management team broke in the afternoon, today July 4, 2016.
Despite CBN acquisition of the bank’s board, the database remains, information and balances of the customers are intact. The CBN action does not in any way affect the customer’s money.
Also, even if Skye bank or any other bank goes liquidated, the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC ) is on ground to refund customers' money. Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation is an independent agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Ministry of Finance. The function of NDIC is to protect bank customers deposits if a bank goes liquidated.
Guys, What Do You Think?
Are The Skye Bank Customers Making Hay While The Sun Shines ?
Or Are they Panicking As If Rapture Is Happening?

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Zaki Tor and 2 others like this.

Clinton Chidi

They're making hail while the sun shines

Endy Edeson

@chidi: but their money is protected naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jerry Maka

But is their dead-men pictures i will blame any one CHANGE can change everything

Sunny Raymond Okechukwu

na ignorance and ignoramus dey worry them loooool!

Kingsley Osaghae

this things u stated here is it a recent development, cos I remembered when SAVANA bank closed down, all my father's life savings has not been returned till now.

Sunkanmi Fashanu

@Endy It's making "hay" while the sun shine

Oginni Oluwaseun Samuel

Anything can happen, I don't blame them. Even the banks that haven't been closed down will deduct your money and you will never get it back. In this kind of economy, it is the safest option!

Clinton Chidi

Do you know how long it takes to get back your money with so much stress and without interest?
I've had such experience before and i don't pray to have one again.

Akinkunmi Osinulu

bank aint pay 30 percent monthly . grow your money monthly by joining financial aid community

Ifeanyi-chukwu Williams Chirah

Wrong question to ask


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