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Sunday, 12 June 2016

WEIRD NEWS: Dabbing in Church or Anywhere Else is Demonstrating the Demonic Sign 666

Edeson Online News wants you to be safe. We are urging Nigerians and rest of the world to stay away from a trending dance steps in churches. According to information available to us, the dance step known
as DABBING is a demonic demonstration of 666. Please inform your choir master, the choristers in your churches and your pastors to stop members of your church from dancing "DABBING".
The demonic dance "DABBING" involves burying your face in the elbow of one arm with the other arm outstretched in opposite direction.
Dabbing according to sources is a sign of Anti-Christ. Even though you are not a christian, don't 'dab'.
A word they say is enough for the wise. Thanks & remain blessed. ....
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Bennard Ahupa

Come to my church on saturday let's dance n worship God for 24 hours guys! No dance step for satan except you took it to the club.

John Asukwo

hehehehe doubt this dabbing

Olajide Young Johnson

No Matter How Hard God Warns, Many People Will Still Be Adamant, Feel Like It's Nothing/It's Not A Big Deal---- Am Not Suprised Bcos It Happens In Time Of Noah!

Alvarez Ugochukwu

Demonic who confirmed it to be demonic?.. Dabbing or no Dabbing would not stop people from giving God glory, anyhow is allowed

Bekere Becky Afaka

the dance looks demonic too. Christians should know we are not of d world. weldone endy,forget those who are sarcastic n make fun of u,their eye go soon neat!

Eze Solomon Emeka

The devil have hijacked the entertainment and fashion industry long ago, this isn't a new thing, that tells you how much careless and spiritually blind some religious people are, I won't be surprised if someone tells me that wearing bikini to church isn't a big deal as long as you're doing to the glory of God, just worship him in your heart. No wonder Christ warned that: "So be careful, or your hearts will be loaded down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that day will come on you suddenly." in Lk 21:34.
May God open our eyes to always behold little things that matters.

Olajide Young Johnson

@Alvarez ugochukwu did i hear you say anyhow is allowed, WHAT A WORLD--- Is That What Your Pastor Taught You And Beside What Kind/Type Of Bible Teach You That--- Am Sure It's Not King James Version But It's Going To Be Alvarez Ugochukwu Bible Version.

Olajide Young Johnson

My Bro Eze Solomon Emeka, If They Says They Should Be Wearing Pikini To Church Is An Under Statement My Brother, We Now Have Some Churches That Allows That Already.

Aiki Olusola

We are just too gullible, cant see the relationship btw 666 and this dance step.

Browayson John Sr.

I never liked this dance step for one bit & its crept in2 d church so quickly that evry1 has embraced it. Thanks for the info Endy,God help us.


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