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Saturday, 4 June 2016

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Ogoni Land Will Take 30 Years To Complete Clean Up

Ogoniland is situated in an area of about 100,000 sq km, east of Port Harcourt in Rivers State with about 1.5 million people. History has it that Ogoni people migrated from Ghana in the olden days.
They are fishermen and farmers.
From 1976 to 1991 (15 years) there were reportedly 2,976 oil spills of about 2.1 million barrels of oil in Ogoniland, causing environmental hazards which hindered their means of survival.
President Buhari as part of his election plan, promised to effect the clean up of the Ogoniland which is coming into fruition following the "Clean Up" flag off by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. The clean-up will cost N2.1 Billion and is expected to revive the "barren land" of Ogoni people which will also improve their economic activities and create employment. The clean up exercise which kicked off on June 2, 2016 will last over a period of 30 years to complete.
According to information, Ogoniland oil spill accounts to about 40% of the total oil spills of the Royal Dutch/Shell company worldwide in one region alone.
In 1990, prominent Ogoni activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa fought against the federal government of Nigeria under the auspices of Movement of the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) following their neglect on the oil spills and environmental hazards ravaging the people of Ogoniland. Saro-Wiwa wanted autonomous State of Ogoni to allow them take charge of their resources but he and 8 other Ogoni activists were executed (killed) for treason.

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Crmde Okwaa Chuks and 2 others like this.

Innocent Ogadima Ezike

Just passing by ooo 🏃 ..A failed nation.

Endy Edeson

@ezike: i think you should rather say " a revolving nation". .

Innocent Ogadima Ezike

if i hear oga endy...nigeria is a faild country and is going down eveyday..can,t you see it..look around u,if you will honest with yourself,what do you see..

Commzy James

i hope itwill happen as they promise

Bonaventure Dalyop

hmmmm that's a news for those who are not aware but Endy it seems the kick off was June 2, 2016 and not...

Endy Edeson

@dalyop: thanks. hahahahaha. noted. edited

Frank Sylvanus

Edeson! Please help tell d PMB 2 come our aid,we can no longer fish again,farm on d Land. In d people of Andoni have no source of drinking water. We need him to come to Andoni and flag up Andoni clean up. Thank you from Hon.Bar.Comr, .Frank Sylvanus

Endy Edeson

@frank: ok. the clean up will include those areas. it's a long term service

Segun Godwin Obi

If only there will take 30 years, how many year Will it take to repair Nigeria ? , will they be build with diamond

Prog Da-Lars

Ken Saro-Wiwa raised the alarm of the consequences of the oil spill several years ago but the Unfortunate leader, Cursed soul, Sani Abacha connived with Shell to silence him by murder allegation and he was executed by hanging. Here we are today!

Jeremiah Ademolu

If it will take Nigeria government 30yrs to clean-up ogoni land, then how many yrs will it take to develop that same land? Before i fgt, hw many yrs does it take to turned Abuja into a city and where the source from???

King Davix Migxon

u ar fool, who ever told ogoni is from ghana go back and read

Endy Edeson

@king: where did they migrate from?

Ernest Isaac Mfon

May God save us from this joke called Nigeria. Nothing is working anymore
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