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Thursday, 19 May 2016

POLITICS/PHOTO NEWS: Rescued Chibok Girl, Amina Ali Meets President Buhari in Abuja

PHOTONEWS: Rescued Chibok girl, Amina Ali Nkeki and her child Safiya meet President Buhari at Presidential Villa. Her Boko Haram husband was not allowed to follow her to meet the president. We also learnt Amina is presently pregnant for the Boko Haram man and a medical test result revealed she is HIV negative.

To this end, can we now say that the president is keeping his campaign promise to rescue the Chibok girls ?
Guys, what do you think?
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Bill Chris and 3 others like this.

Olajide Olushola

good for her

Mercy Dan

Fantastically drama..... watch out for chibox part 3

Bekere Becky Afaka


Azeez Adekoya Falcon

At bekere what is PMB in this issue.

Endy Edeson

@becky: but i think Buhari should be commended

Paul Akorita

Commended for playing the lead role in the movie "the return of chibok girls part 1"

Kingsley Osaghae

a guy who is a boko haram commander or leader, who has also joined in d killing of more than twenty thousand nigerians is living freely in d street, is he not suppose 2 be in cell by now, why are they giving him a presidential treatment??....chai!! I wipe 4 this country

Young Agu Esteem

Who are they deceiving? Maybe the gullible ones like Endy Edeson. Nothing like Chibok girls kidnap.

Eze Solomon Emeka

This well orchestrated drama gets more interesting as days go by, maybe they should design more way of bringing back the girls with their bokoharam husbands and children, at least to save the alleged parents from the trauma, this is just 1 out of 200+, my Nigeria my Nigeria.
Congratulations PMB, Congratulations Nigeria, may God deliver us.

Endy Edeson

@young: hahahahaha. you think am gullible in national affairs, you got to be kidding me. @eze: this drama could be real, but ....

Kingsley Osaghae

when u lie too much you get consumed by lies. rescued chibok girl is faltama mbaballe says army,she is nkeki amina alli, says community. she is aishat alli, says school principal. furthermore she was rescued at baale community near damboa says army. shae was rescued at kilekusa community says chibok community, wish one do we believe? chai!! there is God ooooo

Eze Solomon Emeka

Endy I'm not against it, but the more I try to believe it is the more they make it look unreal, we just have to keep giving em benefit of doubt until the end of the whole bokoharam organization, and the names of their prominent sponsors published on the dailies, anything aside that will make the whole thing look like a conspiracy, Endy stop pretending like you don't know this country ­čść

Timiebieri Happiness

nonsense who do they want to fool

Asiwaju Bolaji Lawal

I notice Gej supporter don't believe In any good thing from this regime and sentiment attached.no matter what you tell them,their extreme support for pdp and Gej and his cohort can never allow them see what a neutral person ll see.our major problem in this country is tribal sentiments.

Eze Solomon Emeka

Some people are playing the card of tribal sentiments and partisan politics, yet they're blaming others for their predicament, if you decide to be a logical thinker who don't rely on partisan political propagandists abracadabra, they tag you PDP or GEJ supporter, as if there's any politician who is completely truthful and honest.
If you're a die hard APC supporter, sorry we're not equally yoked, cos there's no difference between APC and PDP, they're made up of politicians, and Nigerian politicians for that matter.

Innocent Osuji

i have promised myself that they can't deceive me again. she was about to write wasse exams yet she cant speak English not even pigin english. they really looking for what lies to tell Nigerians on may 29.

Bennard Ahupa

This girl way aboki go hide the sleep with am till born na she be chi boke girls?

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