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Sunday, 15 May 2016

POLITICS: Is it Wrong for Lai Mohammed to Beg NBC N13.1 Million ?

Nigeria Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed is currently trending online following a leaked document that revealed he requested a loan of N13.1 Million from Nigerian broadcasting commission (NBC) to travel to China. Some Nigerians are of the opinion that Ministry of Information is big enough to fund N13.1Million for his China tour.Can Someone please tell me what is happening in this country?

Is Lai wrong to request for fund from NBC ?


Azumi Jimoh and 3 others like this.

Mamwan Stephen Mankilik

Fantastic Corruption, phase one

Endy Edeson

@mamwan: it's shameful that APC members can't keep secret, there are spies among them,

Samuel Ijah

To go to China? For what?

Ohireimen Obadan

Why are u guys falling for cheap propaganda from the greatest propagandist of all time ... Why is the letter exposed when there is fuel price increase? To let know that government has no money to fund travelling expenses! What is the function of TSA if NBC still keep funds? Wake up Nigerians done of us are do gullible that we take things hook and sinker without asking questions..,

Obam Okpe Matthew

So what is ur point...?

Paul Akorita

Ask him...

Ohireimen Obadan

Read between lines...

Obam Okpe Matthew

WHAT LINES. TSA doesn't mean MDAs can't assess their, they can withdrawn just that CBN can keep tract of your transaction. So ask question and be guided

Ohireimen Obadan

Thank you for your guidance... Does NBC not under the Info Ministry? Who is to approve withdrawals, the DG or the Minister??

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

before d PM said te govt is fantastically corrupt.. trust a British. he as all d data. Now padded budget has been approved and signed. Loans don start.... fantastically corrupt means the corruption has reached creativity level

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