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Friday, 13 May 2016

CRIME / WEIRD NEWS: 6 Gay Men Arrested in Edo State, What a SHAME !

Six suspected Gay boys have been arrested by the police in Edo State. The young men were arrested today May 12, 2016. They are presently in police cell and would soon be charged to court.
It was learnt that the 6 boys were known for involving in anal sex in Edo State but luck ran out of them today.

Guys. What Do You Think?


Monday Onoja and 2 others like this.

Agada Damian Gentle

just listening to the news on wazobia fm Abuja and login to see it here nice one

Endy Edeson

@agada: some people argue that it is natural to be gay. well, it's sad because homosexualism is a criminal act in Nigeria, People should stay away from dirty acts like this

Agada Damian Gentle

what on earth will attract u to a fellow man? is not even all women that will make my body move talk more of a man.

Jeremiah Ademolu

Isn't that madness, how can man like me be attracted to me.

Young Agu Esteem

They need to be killed

Emmanuel Benson

Would you actually kill them? I bet for you the act of killing a man (for any reason) is less "sinful" than homosexuality. Way to go...you're so righteous and human!

Young Agu Esteem

You are one of them because you looks like a gay too. Very soon they will still catch you.

Emmanuel Benson

I knew you were going to say just that as your defence and it goes to show how predictable and lame you are. You couldn't even give one simple reason why you would suggest that a human being be killed for doing something that doesn't concern you. And if you must know the truth, it is actually people like you who scream "kill them" that stay in the closets, living the lifestyle in hiding while prosecuting people like themselves. But what can I say...keep being stupid and clueless; it fits you.

Young Agu Esteem

I dont have time for a useless gay like you. They should be killed because it's felony in Nigeria. Wait your turn is near. It's only a gay that would attack my comment the way you are doing now. Stupid gay boy.

Emmanuel Benson

I am attacking your comment because it is hateful and wicked. If you think for once second that I will stop attacking your comment just to avoid you calling me "gay boy" then you are deluded. You should fold into a ball and cry for your life because from what I can surmise since morning after reading your so called comment, everything about you is petty, clueless and violent. Those are not attributes of someone I would like to waste time exchanging words with on social media. So on that note, go enlighten yourself, do some maturing and be better for yourself.

Young Agu Esteem

Anybody who look very close to your face will know you are a gay. Swear you are not a gay. Your cup will full very soon. ‪#‎GayBoy‬ like you\

Emmanuel Benson

Denying a useless and baseless accusation is something that guilty people do. I bet you wouldn't know that because your stupid mind is useless as fuck. It's amazing how primitive you actually are! And you are determined to defend your hatefulness. It is people like you that incite others to mob people in the streets once they are labeled thieves. It is people like you that incite others to lynch old women who lost their way due to Alzheimer's [perhaps], accusing them of witchcraft. You would propose that a set of men be killed, being according to your lame excuse homosexuality is a criminal offence in Nigeria. Agreed it is a criminal offence in Nigeria, but is capital punishment the prescribed punishment? You are delusional! You know, I never wanted to continue this exchange but since you called for it, you shall have it. I know you are not enlightened, but there is a case study for people like you in the Social Sciences; people who accuse others first and scream "kill them" all in a bid to redirect attention from themselves. Closeted homosexuals are typical examples. They stay in the closets, getting married to unsuspecting and unfortunate women and deceive everyone with their fake masculinity. They are the first to accuse others of the same thing they are guilty of, screaming for the highest level of punishment to be meted out. Yet in the real sense they are the guilty ones. I wouldn't be surprised you exemplify these kind of people, and there are many of such hypocrites like you in Nigeria... So should I prove to you that I am not a homosexual? I don't have to...at least not to you. But you on the other hand can be truthful to yourself for once. And like I said before, get enlightened and be matured. In some sane society you could have landed your useless self in serious problem for making such inciteful comment as you did. But no thanks to people like you we are not a sane society...

Kennedy Umolo

@ Endy while hiding this criminal faces

Blessing Progress

Ds story is very true nd they should be punished

Young Agu Esteem

Why on earth would i leave all the natural endowment in a woman and go for a fellow man. These women in man's creature needs to be killed.

Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

Ask dem.I wonder what turns them on in their fellow men

Chukwukere Chinekezi

If u are a man, and u feel like having ur fellow man in bed.... My guy, u are a disappointment to God and mankind.

Pat Okafor

my brother, chukwukere u are right. they are indeed a disappointment to God and humanity

Young Agu Esteem

Emmanuel Benson is one of them, police should go after him, am 100o% sure he is a gay. Lol... He has been attacking me since on my previous comment!

Monday Onoja

Kill them immediately

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