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Saturday, 7 May 2016

BIRTHDAY/BIOGRAPHY: Tony Blair, Ex-British Prime Minister is 63rd Years Old Today

. He served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 and was a staunch U.S. ally during the War on Terror. At 43 years old when he was elected, he was the youngest Prime Minister of the UK since 1812. He was also the Labour Party's longest-serving Prime Minister. He married his wife Cherie Blair in 1980 and he has three sons named Euan, Nicky and Leo and a daughter named Kathryn.
His father, Leo Blair, was a professor, law lecturer at the University of Durham. .
Anthony Blair widely known as Tony Blair is a British Labour Party politician, He was born on May 6, 1953 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
He resigned from office in 2007 after his popularity dropped significantly because of public disapproval of the Iraq War.
** Kindly Wish Him a Happy Birthday **


Stànléy O Ehíbôr

Kindly send him a gift.

Kpenose Toju

mmttcchheeeewwwwww!!! who Tony Blair help? but wait o! bros Endy, na evrybody birthday u go dey post sef? i almost no kom dey understand u as of late o *sigh*

Endy Edeson

@toju: it's beyond a birthday wish. My Celebrity Birthday Wish is geared toward educating people or reminding people about the biography of celebrities.

Browayson John Sr.

Abeg @Kpenose... No be by force to comment,u for jst look am pass,dis one wey u dey tia head so na ur money him take post dis info?,abi dem force u read am?,..
Happy birthdy Sir Blair,a vry gud example u are to many naija politicians who dnt knw d essence of Politicking.

Kpenose Toju

@Browayson... same apply to u bro, u replying me is not a necessity... am a huge follower of ‪#‎Endy‬, and i feel he should be more concern about pressing issues affecting nigeria

Endy Edeson

@toju: come on, haven't you been reading my Nigerian posts? the world is a global network. the politics that is being practised in Nigeria was borrowed from the westerners. so it's not out of place to know more about them. don't allow history student to see your comments. @john: most people don't understand the business of blogging. I'm a blogger, i don;'t have to blog like everyone else. My Birthday POST is a celebration of success and a platform for people to read mini-biography of world heroes.

Browayson John Sr.

Well,it is to me,and dnt say u r a fan,cos if u truly are u wlldnt be complaining about this post. Being a fan means total loyalty. This is current affairs,and it covers all issues in d world. as for Pressing issues in naija,thy will not end,the more we read about it d more angry we bcom cos right steps aren't taken to salvage them. so we need a little distraction somtimes frm internal affairs. Moreover,we will be ethnocentric & tired of reading them if he post jst naija news alone day in day out... Think deep b4 making som comnents pls. My advice!
Endy... I knw so well what U do & i appreci8 u so damn well,some folks are jst ignorant of things that will educate them,well done bruv.. Aweaome weeknd i gues?

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