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Monday, 2 May 2016

BIG QUESTION: Was Buhari too Busy to Attend May / Workers Day Annual Celeration 2016 ?

It was a big surprise yesterday May 1 when the Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari failed to attend the Annual May Day Celebration rally, a platform many felt he would have used to address the demands of Nigeria Labour Conress (NLC) and other aggrieved unions. It was the Minister of Labour and Employment Dr. Chris Ngige who represented the President yesterday at the May Day rally in Abuja.
However, while addressing the people, Ngige did not make reference to the N56,000 minimum wage demanded by NLC.
Officials of NLC are not happy with the president for ignoring them.
1. Was the president too busy to attend the event yesterday?
2. Is the president more concerned about International affairs thna National affairs?
What is your view on this issue?


2 people like this.

Collins Asinobi

It was the past administration that caused it, trust APC blame tactics

Endy Edeson


DjLapel Shizu

They cause it by not voting me as the president of Nigeria

DjLapel Shizu

Mind you is ur president, You can't call Obama fool & Mr Endy mind the type of comment you leave under ur post if they are not okay delete it...Am just saying

Endy Edeson

@DjLapel: you've got to be kidding me. @ebuzao: show some respect to the president. "FOOL" is a vugar language to use on someone. anyways, you have a point, it seems he is more interested in events and meetings outside Nigeria

Chy Ney Duu

If we comment nw dey will call us d wailin wailers

Darlington Ebuzo

Endy Edeson are u not even with him? Condemning my language buh agreeing in my point...dats political of u. Hu even said am referring to mr president ?

Macbobby Malachi Obidigwe

During Goodluck's Regime, people ridiculed him, created cartoons of Him n His wife, drew caricature and all sorts of insults were pasted on social media.. How come, dey stopped dat kinda tin now, or aint nobody sponsoring dem again...

Darlington Ebuzo

@Malachi den we had educated President hu knows de dictionary meaning of humor...


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