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Thursday, 5 May 2016

2016 BUDGET: Yar'Adua was also 'Stubborn', Don't Blame Buhari too Much

Nigerians are waiting anxiously for President Buhari to sign the 2016 appropriation bill so the country can move forward. Many Nigerians see Buhari as a very stubborn man, some even call him a Civilian Dictator.
It would be recalled that in December 2015, Buhari presented N6.08 trillion budget to the National Assembly but N6.06 trillion was passed into law on March 23, 2016 but Buhari refused to ascent to the Bill when he discovered that some vital projects
have been removed by the senate. He has however returned the budget bill back to the senate 3 times for corrections. It should be noted that 2016 budget figure is the highest in the history of Nigeria.
Many Nigerians think that the President is slow in action and reluctant in passage of the bill but in reality the president is taking his time and is being very careful. He isn’t the only president that took too long to ascent to a bill, late Nigerian President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who people perceive as a very gentleman was also ‘stubborn’ in signing budget bill during his tenure.
Umaru Musa Yardua also had problems with the National Assembly and refused to ascent to the bill at the boiling hour. Yar’Adua presented a budget of N2.57trillion but the senate signed N2.75 trillion into law. It should also be noted that during Yar’Adua tenure in 2008, the senate added N77 Billion to the budget presented while this Buhari’s dispensation, the senate reduced what was presented by N17 Billion.
The bone of contention between Yar’Adua and Senate was on the budget figure, Yar’Adua wanted what he presented to be passed while the Senate insisted it should be increased with additional figures. After a prolonged dissent with the legislature, the President signed the N2.75trillion budget into law in April, based on the understanding that an amendment bill would be sent to the National Assembly to capture his areas of disagreement.
It took Yar’Adua One Year before he signed the bill. Can you imagine? Yar'adua was also 'Stubborn' , Don't Blame Buhari too Much.

Article Written by: ENDY EDESON

Balogun Temitope Balow Topzy

That's means they are bird of the same feathers isn't it ?

Endy Edeson

@balongun: yes. as a leader you have to be decisive

Jeremiah Ademolu

Yes they are. But don't you think is good to be stubborn sometimes, and most time what we call "stubbornness" isn't but our ability to stand our ground when needed, have you ever heard of any country where president write budget, present it to the senate/house of assembly for approve but instead they short change almost every content of that same budget? Is it their job to do so???

Precious Origbo Iyk

they came from the same state. KATSINA STATE

Balogun Temitope Balow Topzy

@Jeremiah.u av point.but we are looking forward of signing dat budget sha ooh

Endy Edeson

@jeremiah: constitutionally, the National Assembly has no right to remove any project on a bill without the conscent of the president. this is what i can call "excessive check & balances"

Oguntuase Tayo

During Yar'Adua despention, there was no rigour hardship that the nation is experiencing now.

Idowu Idowu

during Yar'adua's time, there was no hardship then unlike now that chanji has taken over.


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