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Saturday, 23 April 2016

POLITICS: Senate Threatens to Kick BUHARI Out in 2016 Budget Passage

The Nigerian Lawmakers are threatening to boycott President Buhari from signing the 2016 budget if he fails to ascent to the bill on or bill Tuesday next week.Constitutionally, the president is to ascend to a budget bill within 30 days it was signed by the Lawmakers. It seems the president's slowness in signing the budget may grant the lawmakers the Veto
to override the 2016 budget bill.
Guys, what's your take on this?

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

the present senate as constituted has shown a total incompetence. I guess this has been the plan of the government in dealing with Saraki to weaken the senate. this is a law-making body and they appear so ok with just collecting their salaries.. allowances and cars. that a country! the senate makes us believe we are still in a military dictatorship

Endy Edeson

@okey: i think this move by the senate is in line with the constitution. though, their lapses are too much.

Jeremiah Ademolu

Those toothless lawbreakers can't put Buhari under any pressure.

Olisa Ken

Override the malu

James Sanjaezzy

@Olisa Ken,which Malu??? budget,d senate or buhari???

Bertha Nnaji Steve

We are still trekking & groping in darkness.

Kuye Augustine Abiola

Nigeria Politics is like a chess game...... But the most annoying thing is that those playing the game aren't competent enough... It take wisdom to deduce my say..... Have a luvly day friends don't give urself headache over Nigeria

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