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Sunday, 27 March 2016

RESSURRECTION OF PASTOR RICKEY: This Pastor Stayed inside Coffin Since Friday, to Resurrect Today

Bishop Rickey Moore is expected to resurrect today Easter Sunday just like Jesus did. The Pastor locked himself up in a Coffin since Good Friday, his church members are to witness his resurrection today. The pastor told his members in Mississipi that what he is doing is not public stunt but was led by the Holy Spirit to win more souls through his resurrection.

Guys, What do you think?

Stànléy O Ehíbôr

TRUTH EXPERIENCE: THE BLOOD OF HIS CROSS. : By Pst Eghosa Osunde The Easter Message(the Gospel) is the only the message; Every message has meaning because of the Gospel.. Anyone who has come to understand what the death, burial and resurrection of Christ has done, lives a powerful life. Jesus did not come to found another religion, He came to impart Himself. We are His masterpiece (Eph 2:10). We are His careful, crafted work. We re not a work in progress. The work Christ did is a finished work and we are complete in Him. (Col 1:12-23, Eph 2:10-17) •We have Reconciliation through His Blood More than a quarrel, we had war with God..because death followed and we were the ones dying. Death followed the hostility. It was not the blood dat gushed from His side that washed our sins...(that did not have the potency to)...It was the blood of sprinkling that did the work. *the Blood of His cross is the Blood of Christ, the blood of the eternal covenant. The cross talks about the finished works.... No man could ever bear the cross, only Christ could bear the cross. Christ has reconciled us fully, totally and wholly...in that, there wld never be a time that would ever bring hostility again. •One of the meaning of reconciliation is AN EXCHANGE THAT BROUGHT RESTORATION In that He reconciled us to God, He wld never impute our sins on us. The Prince of Peace has brought us peace. He announced dat the war is over btw God and man, we have peace and have been brought nigh to Him. To us have been committed the ministry of reconciliation, we go into the world telling people that God is neither angry nor imputing sins on dem. Christ died for the world, not christians, bt believing is how we have entered into wat He has done. Christ reconciled us to God. He endured the anger n wrath of God, satisfying FULLY the claims of justice. Christ has become our satisfying sacrifice...Everytime God looks at the sacrifice of Christ, He is satisfied. We are enough for Him. Just as Christ + nothing is enough for us....we + nothing is enough for Him. We are already accepted in the Beloved. When we got born again...all the change took place in us...He is satisfied with u God would never again be angry at us, He swore by Himself...not by our moods or actions, bt by an oath Stop trying to be who u already re, stop trying to have wat u already have. Just accept. God doesn't look at wat u're doin, but at the BLOOD! *the Blood works 3 way... •God-ward •man-ward •satan-ward •God-ward. Christ has brought us redemption, even the forgiveness of sin. He has delivered us from the punishment of sin. We have forgiveness of sin Justice called for our death, but mercy provided a ransom as Christ. We are saved from the wrath that is to come. HEAVEN IS EXPENSIVE, HELL IS CHEAP. HEAVEN COST GOD HIS BLOOD. People who go to hell have poverty mentality. God does not forgive us on the basis of our forgiving people, neither because of the richness of our confession, but because of the Blood. The Lord's prayer is a prayer of death, we must filter it through the cross WE DO NOT CONFESS SIN, WE CONFESS SAVIOUR In that Christ bore our judgement, our judgement has passed, we have forgiveness...and we are bold (we stroll in) in d day of judgement. There was hostility towards man...the cause was the law of commandment. God needed a sinless life to wage d death that followed, bt animals did not have an eternal spirit. Christ has ended the law. For the Jews, He fulfilled it, to us, He destroyed it, so that there'd be no more hostility. The claims of a righteous God was satisfied. The Work of Christ covered for past, present n future. It's a timeless work •Man-ward...we have access to God.. Christ has presented us to God as Holy. He stands beside us n substantiates (seals) our Holiness. He exhibits us as holy, blameless (faultless, without blemish...such dat He would not call us to question), and unreprovable(without reproach, unaccused) Anything other than d Blood that makes u approach God is an affront n insult to the works of Christ. The old man was not washed...it was removed, cut out and crucified and God gave us a new man The blood is a justifying blood...giving us righteousness...justice has been satisfied FOR ETERNITY The blood cleanses our conscience....in d light, God cleanses us... We have access not by our standing, but by His standing which He gave us. Since the ground we're forgiven is the blood, there is no ground for accusation. The way we plead the blood is to say favourable things that the blood as done. ANY Christian under accusation is not trusting the blood, bt listening to d accuser. There is no more condemnation...justice has kissed mercy. If our conscience condemn us, God who is greater does not. Wen u feel u cannot approach, u ve not placed value on d blood. •satan-ward. The accuser has been silenced. Wat gave satan d power to accuse is the law n d law has been destroyed...there is no ground for accusation. The ground in which satan wld nt be able to accuse us is not our good actions, bt the Blood. (rom 8:31)...satan CANNOT accuse us. He has nothing to say or present against us. We heal n do the works of Christ not based on our actions, bt the goodness of Christ. Sickness responds to the High Priest of my profession,...our High Priest watches over our profession, they re His words. (Heb 13:20-21) God began a good work, He would complete it...we don not keep it going. None cld measure up to Christ, that's why God put Him in us. So Our lives are not living for Christ, bt LIVING FROM CHRIST. It's not we measuring ourself wit Christ, Christ measures us with Himself We brag about wat Christ has done for us •the blood washed us..the washing of regeneration our hearts were exchanged •We are forever under the reign of forgiveness •base on reconciliation, all that is mine has been restored (Halleluyah) WE + NOTHING is ENOUGH FOR GOD. He doesn't find fault, we should not find fault with ourselves...bt look unto Him..

Gina Nnee

Is it well

Kwame Gregory

Spiritual psychopat.

Bekere Becky Afaka

He will never resurrect! Shame on him!

Birthdayboi Wizy

update me pls, as he arise?

Kay Cee

He is acting lone drama

Anne Oiza Oyizzy

Hahahaha why don't him ask people to nail him to the Cross and bury him then let him resurrect

Uche Okor

there is many ways to win soul for Christ Jesus and that's his own way of winning soul for Christ. Happy Easter Sunday to you all

Olajide Young Johnson

If he trully want to do it right, not inside factory fitted AC Coffin But Inside Local Tomb In One Village Will Be A Better Proof

Chukwujekwu Uche Tina

Onye isi nkuka

Oluyemi Jerry

He should be crucify on the cross too....... Nonsense

Chichi Ekeh

Butterflies alwaz count themselves among the Birds

Jessy Brewer

Wonders shall never end ... Come to think of it what if there are repercussions

Alo Joy Ogakwu

Rubbish,he should as well be crucify before entering d coffin

Oyejola Taiwo Anuoluwapo

End time signs, lets becareful

Okereke God'swill


Ezeji Nnecky Chidinma

Story for the gods

Michael Makwela Snr

They should've given him rat poison first before they put him in that coffin. Nonsense!

Simdi Joseph Daleng


Bamigbola Fiyinfoluwa Ola

Neva Neva, No man can do this.......

Enoflow Don Nogis Ohenhen

Sometimes Edeson, u dy talk like fool

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