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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

WEIRD NEWS: Pastor Grabs The Breasts of His Nigerian Wife, Post it on Facebook

Pastor Francis Van-Lare who is married to Amara Van-Lare ( Amara Nwosu ) is so much in love with her that he posted a picture of him grabbing her breasts on facebook. Amara, we learnt, has four children from a previous marriage before She married the pastor last year.

GUYS, Over to You. Is it a decent act for a pastor to grab his wife breasts in Public?
PJ Show and 3 others like this.

Baba Tunde Ayinde

lol....sunday blessings inside church

Ihongbe Ebi

There is nothing wrong in kissing ur wife but grabbing her boobs in public is totally disrespectful ‪#‎myopinion‬

Henry Lochuks Okeke

There's a difference between a Pastor and a Motivational Speaker!

Eze Solomon Emeka

Olorun ku suru

Onyinyechi Abiakwu

this to me is uncalled for. a little maturity plssss

Laseinde Ayobami Joylas

There is nothing wrong in this picture but we can all see that this people are inside their house may be on Val day, remember pastor is just a title we are all human being. But it is very wrong as a so called pastor to post this disgusting picture on net.

Osakwe Godwin

I don't think they posted the pic themselves, maybe someone with a mischievous mindset did. Oga pastor should be more discreet next time.

Ehuwa Toluwalase Jossyblaze

so pastor shld not enjoy his wife abi

Yvonne Onaibe

This one na pastor ' sef??!!!!

Osakwe Godwin

Decency is the word here. You tell me, what message are they trying to pass across? I hope you know/understand the kind of society we live in.

Laseinde Ayobami Joylas

@Ehuwa who said he should not enjoy his so called wife. Am not even convince that he is a real man of God,any body can be a pastor,but in Eddy write up how can a real man of God marry a woman with four children. Jesussss, has.

Ehuwa Toluwalase Jossyblaze

lol,well God knows best,we will all be accountable some day

Asom Ru-ching James

na him wife,he can play with the breast any how,anywhere and everywhere... lol

Osakwe Godwin

@Laseinde, is there anything wrong in marrying a woman who had kid(s) from previous relationship? I think what you should be concerned of from Endy's post is, How is action(s) as a 'pastor' will impact younger people or others who looks up to him.

Laseinde Ayobami Joylas

Nothing wrong with it if it is just any other man.but a man of God what will his teaching base on, holiness, righteousness or what tell me @Osakwe.

Ayeni Olumide

Since they are couples its no sin, but they should only introduce modesty to the way if there life

Laseinde Ayobami Joylas

@Ayeni read Osakwe write up very well.don't jump into conclusion.

Ayeni Olumide

@laseinde what conclusion did I make, because I said its no sin its a good take, I can equally do that to my wife but not in public, rather I can kiss my wife in public and not molesting my very self and spouse in public all in the name of love or what, so where did I make the wrong conclusive statement.

Ayeni Olumide

@ ayobami joylas GUYS, Over to You. Is it a decent act for a pastor to grab His wife breast in public? This was was his question and not the one u place before me

Raphael Da Arch Angel

Ohk Endy, u dodged sum bullets here, thats way to go, coz sum news reports are already as bad as it is., xo no need 2 add more fuel & stand in the Line of fire.. Well done on this one.

As for the Man of God, its not a sin, but He was a bit carried away there morally.

Priceless Precious Alli

married before with four kids? anyway that means this pastor has married before too?

Sobande Babatunde Muphtau

Sometimes in life things does go wrong as they sometimes will don't judge them by the picture posted it might be from someone so close to them that probably visited them and was like Pastor and Pastor Mrs I like your atias pls let me take ur picture and with free mind God knows Pastor and wife may or just allow him or her and never knew it will be Posted or maybe the children God knows

Sobande Babatunde Muphtau

So as to call a spade a spade it Unbefiting posture of picture to be allowed by man of God so Pastor and Pastor Mrs should please be careful and watchful cos of the Enemy sooooooClose

Enahoro Wisdom SpyDfirst

Since the woman is legally married to d pastor, there is no offense

Adeniyi Malaika Ogunsanya

Den he can tell others to romance in public

Ajayi Peter Horlarbordey

y nt make sex in public to show dere love dont u no dat it arouse some pple as he hold dat dam tin. any 1 should clarify dis is it a sin to look at porn pic like romancing pix if yes den its nt sin bt if no den u all no d answer

Ejiofor Ifeoma

Could this be real? This is illegal act how can a pastor misbehave this way

Sunday Adebayo Ibiyemi Sunneyoung

is he really a man of God

Jessy Brewer

I see nothing wrong here

Chukwudi Vince Nzegwu

Na wa ooo. Person hold him wife come dey make headlines. I tire ooo. Endy abeg something more interesting Like 1 dollar is now equivalent to N20

Bekere Becky Afaka

There is everything wrong here! E remain make you bang her for public.

Jessy Brewer

This African mentality and being ignorant got to stop that's his wife he can chose to do whatever he wants .

Jessy Brewer
People just be acting holier than thou please just cos no one sees u don't mean u don't do it ... Smh

Bekere Becky Afaka

May God save us from american mentality and their carefree lifestyle. Shioooo! American ppl,Una father!

Jessy Brewer

Is you and your fucked up mentality

Bekere Becky Afaka

@ jessey brewer which kain name be that sef? Your name sounds like a beer maker. Maybe u are!Some foolish Americans! U nor know say na slave trade carry you enter America! Monkey wey no know him family!

Bekere Becky Afaka

Jessey e be like say wen u see me,body go dey bite u! Abi u get mamiwater spirit?

Jessy Brewer

You know what silence is the best answer for a fool like u so imma just gonna ignore you

Jessy Brewer

My comments wasn't directed @ u was it , u just don't know me so don't get me started

Jessy Brewer

Endy you need to keep this wild dog on check

Bekere Becky Afaka

Jessey your father! You don jam rock! Lolz silence is d best answer for a fool and u ,d fool,are still here ranting! Common go wash your mouth with soap and water!

Bekere Becky Afaka

Jessey u nor reach.if I catch u ,I go kick your ass

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